Take #3: dream / free.

only for me, this hunger
that comes for you at night,
i keep you awake and i know.

only for you, i try to be
kinder, softer between your
hands, sing you to sleep.

but it's a melody that can't stop,
magic and curse all at once, your
eyes on mine, red string held tight.

i have no sweet words to satisfy
you, not good enough, not big enough
to hold your soul, to find you.

our eyes will be enough, we'll imagine,
errant hands heavy to touch, a moment
alone in the dark becomes sacred.

and we're never truly done, a song ends
and another begins, never hit pause, funny,
you've never been the best dancer, love.

i find a way to speak in our own language,
some secret dream to satisfy the emptiness
that will remember, a present set to break us.

i eat up your words, they don't even notice
this has my name all over it, the code to
your fingertips, the key to your mind.

you're my favorite sight, changing each
season in colors and feeling, it grows in my
chest, the constant sound of you breathing.

an infinite clarity because you've seen
me eyes below and above, too many years
i've got you memorized, and i won't stop.

right here, settling on my skin, once it was
said bird bones set free, a rush of euphoria
and i was sure of every private sentence.

i was sure of every single moment, hungry for every shy
smile, guarded with a wary heart but staying, close and free in
our own minds - in between tender dreams, we survive.