They Say

They say i'm a hard woman to handle.

My curves too sharp for their twisting turns.

My mind too smart for them to dismantle.

My tongue too quick to call out their bullshit.

My attitude too much for their masculine insecurity.

Their first mistake was assuming that I needed to be handled.

As if I needed to be put in my place by them.

I am rooted to the ground and I will pick up my roots whenever I find growth.

No, I'm not a hard woman to handle.

I'm just too much of a woman for you.

I'm a hard headed woman with a humbled heart.

Not afraid to admit when I am wrong.

Not afraid to fight when I am right.

I'm a goal oriented woman who doesn't have time for let me downs

and snake tongues with slithering finger tips.

I'm a gentle woman with brick skin.

Touch my heart and i'll let you in.

Touch anything else and i'll show you the definition of a hard woman to handle.