I found this in an old journal of mine and figured, hey I like it.

Sorry I haven't been on Fiction Press, I've been working on the chapters of the stories I'm writing, it's just I've lost my muse. I'm getting slammed in the face for school and things are slowing even on Fanfiction, so unless I get some reviews, it may be a while before I'm motivated enough to continue. I'm not quitting any of my stories, I plan to finish them, it's just fleshing out the story takes a lot of time and concentration that I just don't have.

For now, a poem that I wrote I don't know how many years ago.

When does the magic come to an end?

How often does reality knock us down? Time and time again

And there's that day you wake up and see

What magic has concealed from thee

Friendships die, loved ones lie

And magic says it's final goodbye


Yet here I stand before you now,

To say with my head held high proudly

That through the horrors we all call life,

The magic has not yet left me