Soft pitters of rain bounced off the windows. The skies were a deep gray as storm clouds drifted along. The rain was light, no thunder or lightening yet. The somber building of the funeral home was lit with warm lamps to fight against the dimness outside. Two different families and a collection of friends populated inside. The Collins family was large, with many cousins, aunts, and uncles. Emma and Jonathan Collins are currently standing beside a photograph of one of their two children. They stand there, trying to keep their eyes from continuing to stray to the beaming photo as they converse and thank those who came. The Evans family is smaller with a grandmother, uncle and two cousins speaking with one another. James Evans had excused himself a few minutes ago, leaving his remaining daughter to speak with the guests.

Jasper Collins is standing off to the side with his boyfriend. The young man hadn't stopped crying the whole ceremony. He leaned against Spande's taller frame as the tears flowed unendingly. Vanemy is next to them sitting down with her baby sister in her lap. Despite having two of her close friend's funerals today, her parents had still stuck little Verity with her. So she sat with Raven and Keily trying as they tried to get the fussy toddler to stop crying. A few rows ahead of the three girls Oliver could be found sitting alone with his eyes permanently glued to his hands, which were scrunched up in his lap. With his girlfriend with Vanemy, he wished Toma were there to sit with him. However, Toma had skipped out on the funeral. No one knew where he was, nor would he answer their calls. Valerian could be found walking up to his girlfriend as the guests speaking to her walked away. His hand found Lily's shoulder, but he remained distant.

And finally, Bryson could be found looking down at the partially open casket with sad eyes. The boy looked down at the girl in the casket, her eyes closed with makeup newly applied to hide the truth on her face. Bryson had to admit, they'd done a good job covering the bruises up. Still, even if she looked as beautiful as the day he'd first met her, she was still gone. Those bouncing brown curls of her seemingly dull and lifeless now that she was dead. She had always loved her hair, how it was so long and curly and how it just seemed to move along with her and shine. Bryson made himself peel his eyes away from Brooklyn as he felt his eyes brim with tears. He turned and stepped away, spotting Kirron not too far away. He could tell right away that his best friend was having an internal struggle of his own.

"Kirron" he approached the white-haired male, "you don't look so well."

"My stomach hurts." He stated flatly. "Did you...say goodbye yet?"

Bryson nodded, "I saw her. Have you?"

"I don't think I want to." He sighed.

"You really should Kirron. The last time you saw her was in a morgue, don't have that be the last image you have of her." Kirron exhaled deeply from his nose and moved to the other casket with Bryson at his side. The girl inside looked peaceful. Her sandy blonde locks fell in soft waves against the white plush of the casket. Her makeup was done much like Brooklyn's, which slightly bothered Kirron. Oddly enough he had rather of seen whatever cuts or bruises that were on her face. As odd as that may have sounded, Emily had never liked makeup and he had always thought she looked best without it. Bryson put his hand on Kirron's shoulder as the male brushed at his wet eyes. Kirron reached inside of the jacket of his suit, pulling the rose from his pocket. It was a plain, red rose with a small white note attacked. It was Kirron's own goodbye to his girlfriend as he delicately laid it down. Bryson patted his friends back as the headed back towards the others. They could hear the second set of cries as Keily took Verity as Vanemy doubled over crying. And if you were to pass by the door you could almost hear Raven's muffled yelling as she left Toma yet another message, her voice teetering on the edge of crying.

Two days later when the girls were buried it rained as well. Kirron stayed longer, black umbra laying against his shoulder as he stared at the gravestones. Bryson hung back a bit waiting for him. He didn't act like it, but Kirron knew he was struggling on his own over the girl's deaths. "I miss you, Emily." He said quietly as his eyes drifted around the assortments of flowers surrounding the grave. He bent down to pick up a small unfamiliar pot. He found no name or indication of who had sent it. It was just a single white orchid sitting there. He found an identical one on Brooklyn's grave as well. Kirron dropped the flower back down and turned to rush to Bryson's side so that they could head back with the others. Everyone was going to get together at his place one more time.

"Are you okay?" Kirron asked.

Bryson didn't have an umbrella, so he ducked under Kirrons. "No" he admitted. "Are you?"

"Not in the slightest," Kirron spoke as they headed for their cars.

Hours later as darkness overtook the sky and the rain slowed to a light drizzle and everyone was home and asleep another person dropped by the girl's graves. Dressed in all black with no one around to see them as the stood there for a long minute. The only identifiable thing about them being the small glow of a lit cigarette held lax in their hand as the dropped a large bustle of yellow daisies between the girl's graves. They left after a long drag of the cigarette, disappearing as if no one had been there at all.

Well, here's the short start to my newest short story. Next chapter we'll be getting into more details over what happened to the girls, as well as the start of the real mystery beginning. until then, hope you enjoyed.