The Mayor's Son

By Shadowgate


Philadelphia Mayor George Rain entered the city planner's office at 9AM sharp.

The city planner Robert Gallon shows the mayor his final project.

"It's perfect" the mayor said and asked "what do you think Mister Colt?"

Barrett Colt smiled and turned around to see Leo Bent with a dazed look on his face and drools like a bozo. Herbert Booth and Zachary Chandler both said "uh" and Andrew Bordon asked Zachary "are you okay buddy?"

Carl Milhouse the sixth aide to the mayor laughed crazily.

He was considered unbalanced by the rest. The mayor congratulated city planner Robert Gallon for doing an excellent job. They all decided to go celebrate at an ice cream parlor but one person stayed behind. 14 year old Melvin Rain, the son of the mayor who happened to have autism.

He happened to be at work with his dad because he got suspended from school for fighting. A dozen students praised him for standing up to two bullies.

As he looked at the new city design he soon started to zone out. Then he yelled out "I AM A MONSTER!"

Soon a purple three headed dragon was on the loose in Philadelphia.

Several people at a bus stop screamed and ran. One lady fell down and then another lady tripped over her. The three headed dragon laughed.

Then all of the sudden the monster jumped up into the air and crashed on top of a building. It was just a minute or two later that the building crumpled to the ground. Most of the people in the building got out before that.

Two blocks away in an elementary school a music teacher was conducting a piano lesson. The student was playing the piano and the teacher sang "la la la la, oh la."

Then everyone suddenly heard "LA LA, LA LA LA OH"

The teacher asked "what in the sam-hill was that?"

The students giggled and then the three headed dragon tore through the ceiling and grabbed the music teacher. The students rushed out of the music room while the music teacher screamed. The dragon carried her to a neighborhood community pool and dropped her in it.

The three headed purple dragon giggled loudly.

After having fun by ruining the music teacher's day the monster flew straight toward down town and he exhaled tons of fire on to the buildings.

All the people got out as fast as they could. One man ran down the street yelling "my britches are burning."

The monster then moved toward a huge residential community. He came upon a church where a wedding was taking place.

The preacher asked "do you madam take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband until death do you part?"

Before she could answer a loud howl was heard.

A little old lady in the audience yelled "what the hell was that?"

Then the church roof was ripped off and the preacher yelled "my church is damned!"

The groom yelled "this wedding is ruined" and the bride yelled "oh shut up."

After crashing a wedding the destructive dragon headed back to the city at full speed.

He crashes into the mayor's office.

The model city is now in ruins and Melvin Rain is gnawing on a piece of a fake building.

The mayor asked "did you see that? Melvin Rain is an animal."

The End