Forbidden Fruit August 20, 2018 Stevey Solis

Desire scented the air like some wicked perfume bidding you…follow, you know that answering that sweet temptation would lead to your destruction and yet, your feet find their way to the street as the oppressive summer heat presses in on you, pushing you to find the source of that sweet intoxicant.

A tug at your senses, a dull vibration in your feet leads you to a small, unassuming door in a filthy alley. Once more your rational mind tells you to turn back, to flee back to the safety of normalcy. But your desire is there, a deep unforgiving want pushing at the moral cage of your rational mind. It wants freedom, even if it is only for the night.

Energy poured from around the door, only the hesitation required to pull it open and step through slowed your steps now, that tiny voice of fear quieted beneath the roar of want. Inside dim lights lead down a narrow hall as a deep, primal bass thunders inside of you, caressing such intimate places as no lover could dare to dream of.

Your steps quicken in time to the music, pulling you to the kaleidoscope of light, color, and bodies moving together. You slip into the writhing, undulating mass as your ego slips further away and your inner self works through the crowd to the fever-hot center of it all.

Hands touch your hips as a body moves in time behind you, another silhouette stands before you, teaching you the dance with their body. The hands on your hips slip away as another grabs your hands and spins you close to them. You stand pressed chest to groin with another, held so tightly that you begin to lose the edges of yourself and move with them as one person, one pulsing energy.

That is when you feel it, the energy of everyone around you, dipping and rising, caressing and flowing from one to the next in a whirl of sensations and emotion till you cannot tell your heartbeat from theirs, your energy from theirs, your soul, from theirs.