Chapter 4

Wayne swallowed hard at the thought of Lynn's unexpected proposal. He didn't respond to her invitation and there was an awkward moment of silence between them.

"This is not a drill, Wayne," Lynn finally said. "I must have experienced some sort of weird PTSD on 9/11 because I'm feeling the same kind of feelings today after that stupid false alarm."

"You thought you were going to die?"

"I thought about how much my life sucks," Lynn replied. "Maybe that's what I was thinking on 9/11. That if I had died that day, I really hadn't accomplished anything. That's one of the reasons I joined the Navy."

"To honor those who died on 9/11?"

"To do something different with my life," she replied. "To do something that mattered."

"And you have," Wayne said.

"Have I?" Lynn wondered. "I'm a divorced thirty-something year old Sailor living in the most beautiful place in the world and yet I'm alone."

"You needed time."

"Ah, that was just a phony escape clause excuse not to take a risk again," Lynn said with annoyance. "The entire marriage was a joke. I didn't need time to get over that!"

"It has been a while anyway," Wayne reasoned.

"Yes, and you've been patiently waiting the whole time," Lynn remarked.

"I like being with you," Wayne admitted.

"But you're The Lone Sailor," she worried. "Hell, you didn't even call your family when there was a chance we were going to die."

"What was I going to say that they didn't already know?" Wayne shrugged. "Besides, they were probably out on the ski slopes or my mother would have called."

"Your parents still ski at their age?" Lynn asked.

"They're pretty spry," Wayne said. "I didn't want to upset my mother if she didn't know what was going on," he explained. "That's why I didn't call. Besides," he added, tossing her a look. "I was with you."

"You wanted to die with me?"

"I want to live with you," Wayne replied.

Lynn leaped from her chair and literally knocked Wayne out of his. They both spilled to the balcony's floor with sweaty Lynn on top of him. She kissed him directly on the mouth. "Good," she said.

Wayne reached his hand up and cupped one of her breasts through her sweaty tank top.

"Don't you like the view from here?" Lynn purred, breaking the kiss and turning her head to catch a peek at the scenery through the railing posts. "Let's do it right here!"

"Lynn, we shouldn't," Wayne warned.

"Like hell we shouldn't!" She insisted as she kissed him again.

Wayne tugged on her tank top until is slipped down enough to allow her breasts to fall out. He used his hand to rub her breasts and nipples as they continued to make out.

"Wayne," Lynn breathed as her hand moved down between his legs.

"What if someone sees us?" Wayne worried.

"Let them," she giggled. "Everybody almost died today. They won't care."

Wayne continued to play with her breasts and a soft moan escaped Lynn's lips when she felt his hand slip down to the waistband of her jogging shorts and then inside them, down the front of her panties.

"Oh," Lynn said when she felt his hand reach her hairy nether regions. "Wayne," she said as a pleasure filled breath flowed from her mouth."

"Yes?" He asked innocently as he continued to manually pleasure her with his hand between her legs. He leaned in kissed her.

Lynn fought to pull her shorts and panties down her legs. "Not here," he said. "Somebody might see."

"I don't care," she barked, kicking the garments off her legs. She sat up and pulled her tank top off over her head, tossing it off the balcony with a laugh.

Wayne pulled the naked Lynn down so she was at least partially blocked by the balcony rails although there was no guarantee they wouldn't be seen from some angles.

"We could get in trouble," Wayne cautioned.

"Yes," She agreed, pushing her breasts into his chest.

Then she pulled his shirt off over his head and kissed his sweaty bare neck, shoulders, and chest. She moved down his body and pulled his jogging shorts and athletic supporter down his thighs until his secret popped out in freedom.

"Yes," she said again with approval.

"God, you're beautiful," Wayne smiled, kissing her neck.

They made love on the balcony floor, naked in the shadowy sun, both careful not to make too much noise least a neighbor peak out to see what was going on as they humped, Lynn still on top, careful to stay low beneath the rail to hopefully mask the activity they were enjoying.

When Lynn's climax subsided, a garbled moan of pleasure left her throat and she collapsed on top of him. Wayne wrapped his arms around her and he held her tight.

"We're alive," he told her.

"Yes," she said happily.

"This is not a drill," he advised.

"This is not a drill," Lynn agreed.

She lifted herself off of him and quickly darted naked into the apartment through the glass sliding door, hoping nobody would see her. A hunched over naked Wayne followed and Lynn closed the curtain as soon as he was inside.

"Wow," Wayne said, sweeping Lynn into his arms as they stood against the closed curtain and kissed.

The beep of a cell phone went off.

"Is that me or you?" Lynn wondered as they continued to kiss.

"Mine's out on the balcony," Wayne replied.

Lynn broke from him and went to the counter where she had placed her phone when the first came in. "It's my mother," she said.

"You should take it," Wayne replied.

Lynn turned to face the counter, bending over slightly as she put the phone to her ear.

"Hello, Mom," she said as Wayne crossed the room and rubbed against her from behind. "No, everything's fine. I'm fine. Thanks for calling. Yeah, it was weird, but I'm feeling better now. You kind of figure out what's important in life when you think you're going to die. I love you too, Mom. Listen, I can't talk right now," she said as Wayne nibbled on the back of her neck and ate some of her hair. "I promise I'm fine, Mom, really!" Lynn tried not to giggle as her lover sucked on her other ear lobe, the two of them standing naked in the middle of her apartment while she talked to her mother on the phone. "I've really gotta go. I'll call you later. Love you."

Lynn set the phone on the counter and turned to face Wayne. "Oh My God," she laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. "I bet she knew!"

"Moms always know," Wayne replied, shaking his head with agreement.

"Don't say that!" Lynn groaned. "That's too weird to think about!"

Wayne laughed. "So, we got those forty five minutes of our lost lives this morning back out there on the balcony," he said.

"Yes we did," she agreed happily.

"Would your mom like me?" Wayne asked.

"I really don't want to talk about my mom right now, Sailor!" Lynn told him, pressing her lips against his. "How 'bout a shower?" She suggested. "We both stink."

"Okay," he agreed.

She took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom but the bathtub was still full of water from the morning when Lynn thought they'd need a week's worth of water in case they survived the blast. They both stared at the tub for a long moment.

"I'm glad we didn't need this," Lynn finally said.

"Yes," Wayne said with a relieved sigh.

"It was just a drill," Lynn realized.

"But this isn't," Wayne said, leaning in and kissing her as they stood by the side of the tub.

When they were done with the long kiss, Lynn leaned over and pulled the plug on the tub and they watched their false alarm survivor water supply disappear down the drain.

Lynn then turned the shower on and the two Sailors stepped naked into the spray to wash away the memories of the false alarm to be replaced by the warmth of their new discoveries in their post-drill lives.