"Don't wake up Cantina. Pretend your sick. It's the third day of school and Mom's already at work so you won't be noticed." My devil, Cant, whispered in my ear. While that was going on, my angel, Canny, was on my head attempting to wake me up for school. I eventually listened to Canny and sat up on my bed. I looked around me to try and find my hairbrush. I grabbed it from the bedside table as well as my glasses. I looked in the mirror that hang on my wall across from my bed. It encouraged me to put my glasses on and glance at the time. That's when I knew I was going to be late. That, my dear friend, is what happens when you listen to the devil on your shoulder. Yes, an angel and devil on my shoulders. We all have them. I'm told that I'm rare. I can not only hear my angel and devil but I can see them. When you have this condition, you normally develop it during college-early adulthood. I developed it when I was 2 years old. I've been called a freak my entire life. That's when you're actually glad to have a guardian angel and devil by your side. Sure they might argue and disagree with me but in the end, they're my guardians and I am glad to see and hear them.

I had to run down the street to school. I was already 4 minutes late for homeroom despite being the usual early bird but this year wasn't looking to commit to the continuation of that reputation. I burst into the classroom where the teacher was standing at her desk, staring at me. "Miss Azul. Do you mind knocking prior and apologizing after entering?" the teacher asked as she gave me a death glare. I looked away and said "I'm sorry. I was rushing this morning.". I put my head down and sat down in my seat in the back, right corner of the classroom. I placed my head on the desk and nearly fell asleep until the teacher said something that struck fear into my heart. "Last week I asked you to write three goals for this year. Miss Azul, since you seemed...enthusiastic this morning, perhaps you'd like to read yours out loud. After Cantina Azul it'll be Sheba Willchester and finally Shill Ding." she announced. I immediately hid my face but my angel lifted me by the hood. I stood there, paper in hand, like the nervous wreck I was. After about a minute of standing there I started reading. "Well this year I want to improve in science and math, make at least one other friend and uh...I uh just realized I wrote four. Heh I'll sit down now." I read out. That last bit was kind of a lie. I did write four but I was too embarrassed to say the last one. It was to get my crush, Shill, to like me. We mad been friends for a while but I believed he would never like me more than that. I looked at Canny and Cant who were just standing there, looking at me with different expressions. Canny gave me a thumbs up and a big smile while Cant just looked at me like I was an idiot. That was just the start to a fateful day.

After school, I sat on the porch with a lantern I had found in my dad's old work shed. My left hand was holding the bottom where you light it up when I suddenly felt heat coming from the bottom. The lantern had suddenly caught fire in my hand. I released the lantern out of my grasp and noticed my hand was on fire. "Don't freak out kid. I'll explain it inside." Cant sighed as she watched the lantern float into the air and disappear into the sunset. I got up out of the chair and placed Canny and Cant on the table. I looked them both in the eyes and said "What happened?". Canny looked at her devilish sister who just looked at her nails. Canny sighed and explained "You're right hand can control light because that's my side and due to Cant being on your left shoulder, you can control fire. It's a super rare thing with being able to see and hear your angel and devil. In fact, only three people can have it at a time but it's different depending on who it is. One has your powers while the other two have different powers. I believe one of them has two different summoning powers where one hand can summon helpful spirits and the other can summon weapons. Sorry for rambling.". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Powers? Only three at a time? But why me? "I hate to say this kid but it's how your father died. He was the last one and thought he could face the demon alone. He had the same powers as you do. I am so sorry to have to tell you this." Cant explained. My reaction to this was...fainting. Nothing unusual there. I was overwhelmed by the new information running through my mind. Was it true? Or just a dream?

I don't understand where I get these ideas from...