you want a poem
that actualizes you

so here's a poem about a bear named horus
after the egyptian god
with the falcon head
he changed the spelling to horace
later in life
so people would not mistake his brown fur
for exotic ancestry or deferred interest

his favorite things to eat were of course salmon
and maybe the occasional human vehicle
full of ranch sprayed chips and cheese crumbs
plus huckleberries on his birthday

friends would tease
"hey horus, thanks again for keeping the sky from falling man, you're a life saver"
horace would normally think of shitting near their cave
because bears do shitty practical jokes
where the offender must smell the insults deeply
however this is more in line with traditional custom
and as of late, hasn't been a thing since black bears were the newest thing to "bears"

horace's hibernation (also known in ursine as "fat sleep")
usually consists of a recurring dream
where the river runs to him in a tangential form
soothing and flowing
singing of the rocks who lie in the natural way of progress
the sequence is peaceful and repetitive
if one enjoys field recordings

horace tends to wake up in his own urine
steps outside to test the weather
he is a bachelor
who ventures forward
and there is bear shit and rabbit crap
a double joke,
someone had taken their time and shown it to him
he wonders if bathing at night
is more appropriate
if his namesake
would sleep then
if power dreams of fooling other creatures

horace had never spoken to a falcon in his life
or any bird really
besides birds used high pitches and tonal shifts so frequently
that a bear could maybe make out one syllable
before moving on

horace would love to secretly learn some other languages
even bird if possible
but he knows someone would hear him screeching
and sure, a human might take him for a monster
but his kind would groan and laugh and poke
at the goofy bear who changed his name

changing your name in ursine is called "mom theft"
because it is supposedly a stealing of the name, the idea of being, that the mother gives her cub in naming it
and you can never return to your former name
some in the community never understood the strict tradition of namesakes
because some get some really human cake like names like "claw"
and some get fish (think slick) like names like "Ursabe" (ancient ursine for useful [actual translation: bearful])
and then you get friends like horace who had a mother who had some rudimentary knowledge of egypt
he had never seen his mother read anything except the occasional opinion piece about human invasion
which was always talked about as world-ending
but it had never come to any huge sort of fruition minus group screaming and great food
(ursine for the human word "camper" is "dumb explorer" or "none conqueror")
it was known that humans and bears could coexist, but only as long as they kept to themselves
minus the occasional missionary attempts at language and culture exchanges
most culture exchanges involved dead humans and rarely a dead bear
a lot of bears joked that the exchange was death or shit-(ursine: shit death)
maybe horace's mom ate a egyptologist as part of a workshop?
she told him a few things, the doggy death god, horus, and the exuberant love of cats

all horace knew is that he did not feel bad about the whole thing
because the name sounded the same
and being the bear he was
he only learned to hear it differently
a human name, a marquee spelling through his head
it took him years to learn human letters
but there he goes
named after the sky he will never control
and changed for the world that became careless