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Teenage Brothers Michael and Zac are on a hunting trip in the Northern Territory, Australia, when they are kidnapped by Reptilian aliens who are preparing an invasion. Brought to their Mother Ship on the Moon, they manage to overcome their captors, destroy the ship and escape. Accidentally arriving at a base of Greys, they are mistaken as hostiles and attacked.

Nearly defeated, the two are saved by a Grey named Ash, who mistakenly believes they are Reptilians, and admires them. The battle damages the base, and while everyone is evacuating, the trio rescue a teenage human girl who they think is about to be executed, without realizing it's a trap. The four escape, while the girl (Lucy) plans to hijack their craft...

"So, where are we going?" Ash asked after she had piloted the spaceship out of the Moon's gravitational field.

"Earth," Michael replied simply. "Where else?"

"Is that the blue planet?" Ash asked. Michael nodded. "All right then. What after that?"

Zac shrugged from where he was navigating (or trying to) . "I should imagine we'll all be chased around by government agents trying to do experiments on us."

"Oh," Ash slumped. "So, what part do we want to land at?"

Lucy piped up. "Can we go where I was taken from? My family lives in Singapore."

Ash turned confused. "I didn't know you reptilians lived on this planet."

"Huh?" Michael and Zac queried together. "You thought we were reptilians all this time," Michael's mouth hung open. "We're humans, we don't have scales, like them."

Ash blinked in shock and tried hard (and unsuccessfully) to steady her breathing. She had saved these two from her people because she thought they were Reptilians. After all, they'd come from the Reptilian Mother Ship right after it had exploded. The Reptilians were superior to the Greys in every way, so she had naturally intended to get on their good side.

And all this time, she'd been helping the people who'd destroyed them...

Ash leapt out of her seat.

"You lied to me!" She screamed as she tackled Michael onto Zac.

"No we didn't," Michael protested. "We had no idea you thought..." Ash screamed again in frustration before hearing a gun cock.

"Get up you three," Lucy ordered. "Or else." Everyone complied. "Good. Now I don't know what that was all about, but you're going to forget it and fly us back to the Greys just off Singapore, got that."

Ash nodded and returned to her seat, now remembering where she had seen the girl before, she was on Commander Cloud's personal detail.

Zac was sensible enough to go on navigating without complaint, though Michael was more headstrong. "Traitor," he growled. "You're human too. Why are you helping them?"

"I just do that's all, you didn't think you were going to defeat us that easy did you." Michael made a grab for her gun, but Lucy was a martial arts expert, and soon Michael was taped down to one of the bunks.

"Anyone else?" Lucy challenged. "Good." She didn't like other people very much, and was pleased she would soon be rid of them. Unfortunately for her, as Zac was new to flying, he didn't realize that several instruments had been knocked out of alignment during the brief fight.

They were flying the wrong way.

"Coming up on Earth," Ash announced nervously.

"Perfect," Lucy grinned. "What part."

Zac glanced at his instruments. "As best I can tell, just north of Australia. Only some minor course corrections needed. I think about 15 degrees west, Ash."

Ash executed the maneuvers. "Entering Earth's atmosphere."

BANG. The ship shuddered as it collided with a small meteor.

"We've been hit," Zac deadpanned. "We're going down." It was funny, Zac thought. He could have sworn that that was Africa on the view screen, not Southeast Asia.

Lucy strapped herself in. "Try and ditch it in the sea Ash, we don't need the government spotting our crash."

"Uh... I don't think there's any sea to ditch into," Ash replied.


Michael screamed. "We're over Africa. We're gonna die."

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