Here is is the final part of this admittedly very short story, I want to thank my friend Paul for encouraging me to finish the story, to think this was just a story to pass the time in a lazy afternoon.

Marzipan nudged Ichabod "Someone cast a spell when the lights were out." She said quietly

"You sure?" Ichabod asked

"Yes." Marzipan nodded

Both Ichabod and Kong were trained Medics so they asked audience members move aside so they could look at the injured Utahraptor.

Phoebus was groaning and still clutching his leg when the two Medics asked him what happened.

"I don't know..." Phoebus hissed "One moment I was about to slam dunk and then I'm in total darkness and it felt...It felt like a medicine ball hit my leg, We Utahraptors are fairly strong but still our bones havea bird-like quality and not as strong as Mammal bones..."

Marzipan approached the Basketball Players and their coaches "I am a Mage." Marzipan said "Because of that I've been trained to detect certain scents...When the lights went out my nose detected the subtle scent of black sorcery!"

Dan began to sweat, the Shadow Demon hadn't mentioned anything to him of what would happen if a Mage had been in the audience, he tried to back away slowly, but his Porcine Hooves 'click-clacked' against the wooden floor which Marzipan's feline ears picked up on straight away…

"There!" She shouted "There is the cheat!"

Several larger Players from both teams ran over to grab the Pig-Man and dragged him back to Marzipan and both Coaches.

Kong and Ichabod came back with their report on Phoebus' injury

"It's relatively small." Said Kong "Just a hairline crack."

"We could give him the electronic cast with nanobots and he'll be ready to play next game..." Said Ichabod

"No." Came Phoebus' voice

Everyone turned and looked at the Dinosaur-Man

"I would rather take the ordinary cast and let my body heal itself naturally..." Phoebus sighed "...I feel I have caused this fate, I should have been on my guard after ample evidence Dan was against me, but also while none of the other team members never reached out to befriend me, I never did my part to reach out to my other teammates either, I have instead cloistered myself away every time we weren't playing focusing on my faith and my herd, instead of reaching out to my teammates who are supposed to be my Sport-Herd...I have a part to play in this fiasco and I think I should take my healing time to think about it."

The Coach of the Biloxi Voodoo a Whippet Dog-Man named Jeremiah Dewclaw turned to Dan "How could a Humanimal try to sabotage another Humanimal, a member of his own team no less! What are you Dan, a Fluke?!"

Fluke is the Humanimal term for Psychopath, Kong, Bill and Marzipan turned and looked at the squirming Pig.

"He's not a fluke..." Kong said "...Fluke's tend to be mangy slobbering brutes who just lash out with violence instead of making elaborate plans like this...Plus Flukes don't feel any fear, and I can see the fear in his eyes...No, Dan isn't a Fluke but he is a...A..."

"A jerk." Bill said

Dan was ejected from the team, and Phoebus was given an ordinary cast for his leg, he bid a final farewell to the Heroes who helped him.

"I see more and more how civilization is not like the wild." Phoebus said "I think...I was profoundly homesick and didn't try to befriend anyone else because I was clinging too much to my wild ways."

Ichabod yawned and felt like he was about the fall over as the other members wished Phoebus a speedy recovery and they went back home for a good night's sleep.

Phoebus shall make an appearance in my stories on