The wake of day, the dark of night,

I wait for you in hope and light,

Youth it seems is full of hope,

You wait and wait and wait and mope,

Meet someone new, perhaps the one,

Visions of joy, and dance, and fun,

Unrequited is the beast,

Who will break my heart the least?

Over and over they come and go,

Will my heart withstand the blow?

The years go by and still no luck,

Hope now sinketh in the muck,

Now old and grey and still alone,

Single now and to the bone,

No one left to turn my head,

Maybe better if I'm dead?

No, the thought, it makes no sense,

Dark dispelled, get thee hence,

I can't give up, I won't give in,

And live a life embracing sin,

It's not the way I want to be,

I want to show my light to thee,

So when we meet, you'll see the one,

And know your search is finally done.