Not really my best expression out there. I didn't articulate the ideas I was going for as well as I would have liked

I love the idea of love

To feel so free to fly like of dove

Or is it a curse?

Something that will drag you to a hearse

The ideal say nay

But the cynic says yay

I love love

But I don't believe in it

I believe in bonds and friendship

But love is something that will never quit

I deny the concept of infinity

Therefore, I defy the concept of love

Because love is endless

But nothing lasts forever when time gives a shove

The thought of an unbreakable bond makes me smile

But I know it's not real all the while

I still have friends

But I know these friendships will have ends

This isn't a truth that I find sad

In reality I'm still quite glad

The bonds may never last

But like with life it is their finiteness that gives them value

And love would ruin that