Chapter 12

Susanna felt nothing but confidence as she boldly stepped into Hardy and wrapped her arm around his neck, pulling him toward her to kiss him. She was quite comfortable with the role as aggressor which caught Hardy off guard given her general timid shyness during the summer.

"We've come a long way since that day in the barn when you punched me in the face," Hardy said, returning her kiss.

"Most guys would have been done with me," Susanna purred. "You had a whole farm full of women to choose from. Maura would have been happy to fuck you if I hadn't told her she couldn't."

"You told her that?" Hardy asked with appreciative surprise.

"I like the way you kiss," Susanna smiled as they exchanged a few more smooches. "You're so passionate. It drives me crazy when you suck on my lip like that."

"I've wanted you for so long," Hardy sighed.

"I know," she said, stepping back and pulling his sweater and shirt off over his head. "I've been fantasizing about this moment for a very long time, but the farm didn't feel right because there was so much debauchery going on there."

Susanna tossed his clothing aside and then rubbed her hands along his bare chest. She kissed his sternum and his nipples while dropping her hands down the front of his pants to explore his hardness within, her hand finding its way inside his underwear where she fondled and squeezed his stuff penis.

Hardy kissed her while pushing the Red Sox shirt off her shoulders which fell to the carpeted floor.

"Susanna," he whimpered, raising his hands to her breasts and gently exploring them and then leaning in and licking her nipples with his tongue.

She gasped and dropped her head back, moaning with pleasure and contentment. Hardy kissed his way back up her body to her neck, chin and the mouth. One of his hands dropped down between her legs and he carefully explored her womanhood for the first time with his finger, feeling her wetness on his palm.

Susanna helped him unfasten his belt and she pulled his trousers down to the floor along with his underpants. She continued to play with his private parts as he walked her to the bed and they fell on top of the mattress together.

Hardy crawled in between her legs while lining his face with hers so he could kiss her more. She used her hand to find his cock and slide it into her glistening entrance. It was the first time for both of them, an endless summer of wait finally over with the echoes of the Fenway faithful still ringing in their ears.

Hardy moaned with pleasure and Susanna was gasping with each thrust. Her breathing was hitched as they made love She bucked against him hard when she orgasmed, much to the amazement of Hardy who stared into her eyes with fascination and he continued to ram his hips against hers knowing his own impending explosion was coming.

Susanna let out a long groan and shuddered just as Hardy released and when it was over, Hardy collapsed on top of her and tried to find his breath.

They lay together experiencing the after-effects of what they had just completed and Hardy began to kiss her softly and sensuously in gratitude, exploring her body with his hand while kissing her passionately. Susanna wrapped her hands around Hardy's neck and gently kissed him.

"The farm girl in the city," Hardy smiled with contentment.

She smiled. "It was worth the wait, wasn't it?"

"Yes," he said honestly. "The perfect ending to the perfect day and the perfect summer."

Hardy wrapped his arms tightly around her.

"Paradise found," Susanna purred as she kissed him.