I can't help but remember every moment we've ever had

Reliving some of them

I want to go back and experience them all for the first time again

It hurts knowing I can't

That all I have is the grey reminiscence of a broken and anxious mind

The sound of your voice

The smile that rivals the sun

The laugh that breaks through the darkness

Taking apart myself everytime I have the urge to talk to you

Tearing away my sanity everytime I have the urge to be with you

Killing pieces of me just so I will stop

God it hurts

God I am tired of torturing myself

God just help me make it stop

The beautiful light that burns at the core of my soul

I can't stop thinking about you this way

I want to

It's not fair to anyone

But I guess that's why I am the way I am with you

It's easier to turn the dial back than to not have the room I need to show you how much I care

I just have to adapt

I just have to relive those moments we've shared

The memories we made

The memories we continue to make

It's more than enough

I hope it never stops

Let it burn

Let it hurt

Let it boil under my skin

Let it fill me with the ocean of anxiety I have

I would gladly cross that lake of fire just to live another moment with you