The wind billowed through the air, dried leaves whirling into bowed trees. The bluish gray sky was split by a streak of blinding light, lingering just moments in the eye before the impending thunderous roll. A flock of startled birds fluttered across the burdened sky, dipping in the wind. The air filled with tension, release just moments away. The sky was ripped apart - tiny pinpricks hitting my skin, splashing off the road and bouncing on leaves. The sea attacked by thousands of bullets, piercing and battering the water. Wind whipped at my face, biting my skin. It whistled in my ears, ecstatic force twisting through the air. The scent of salt soothed me, enveloped and flew in airborne calm. The pinpricks became slow splashes wetting my skin. A delirious mix of smells erupted from the ground. Petrichor, pine, ripe fruit, wet earth, asphalt. Concrete glistened ahead in winding patterns of the road yet to be travelled on, the cool air hung heavily around my shoulders. The sky was filled with blue and gray, streaked with the orange and purple hues of the setting sun. The sea spread into infinity from below the cliffs, and the horizon blended with the sky.