Chapter One


In the state of Washington was a small town, known as Baring. It was so small, in fact, that all the schools could be in one building, but they weren't. The only thing it could be known for was the fact that it rained so much. Yet, still such a small town, even if people who loved the rain knew about this fact.

My name is Yule, and I was moved into this small town with my brother.

Regardless of how small this town may be, everyone seemed to know each other. It was a bland town, in my opinion anyways. No people with different hair colors, everyone seemed to dress the same, hardly any stores, the most interesting thing here seemed to be gossip.

My brother James and I were the center of that gossip now, for various reasons. Our appearances, our story, our parents.

My appearance stood out here. I had long, straight jet black hair that reached my bottom, grey eyes, full lips, and ivory skin. The way I dressed seemed to have affected everyone elses' opinion as well. Everyone dressed so casually, t-shirts with advertisements of the local shop, blue jeans all over the place, regular tennis shoes, but my casual was a goth punk mix. You could frequently find me wearing plaid or black skirts, no matter what the weather. Snow or shine, I was going to wear whatever I wanted to wear.

My brother was different from me in his wardrobe, however he was like my twin in appearance. Pale skin, Grey eyes, full lips, however his hair was light brown and it was short and messy, like he always had bed head, which he did. He hardly cared about his appearance, and just like everyone else here, put on whatever t-shirt he could find and blue jeans as well as tennis shoes. He'd fit in perfectly, if it weren't for the story behind us and the fact that we were newcomers.

We were both about 5' 6", and both of us looked slightly underweight, except I donned a 32 B cup bra and he didn't.

He was 5 years older than me, but he didn't look it at all. I was 16 and he was already 21. He was old enough to become my legal guardian, and old enough to drive and claim this house, so we didn't have to worry about being sent to foster care or any of our dreadful family members that despised us, which I was very happy about, regardless of how dull this small town may be, and how much we would stand out.

Our parents had passed in a car wreck we had all gotten into. It was night time, and we were driving to the hotel on our way back from a party thrown by our father's employer. Our family travelled quite a bit, because my father had a job he never really wanted to talk about, but it paid well, with benefits. We never questioned it, because we figured mom had already known and it was putting bread on the table and he wasn't getting arrested.

We had asked him before if the job required him to kill people or do anything illegal and he just chuckled and told us not to worry about it, because we were safe. So we didn't question it any further after that. Our mother was a regular stay at home mom, but she wrote quite a bit and people gave her money for her novels. We were pretty set at the time money wise.

When our parents had passed, they had already had us in their will. They left us a two bedroom two bathroom house in this small town, which they had already bought for us, "in case something were to happen" as they had written in the will, along with a blue, older car. Everything was paid off already, we just had to pay insurance, electricity, things like that.

I'm still frequently crying, even if this had all happened over a year ago, because of everything that happened, but it looks like my brother learned to be strong enough not to, whether it be for me or just because he's strong enough to get over it on his own, I'm not sure. I knew he loved them, and I knew I was never going to question him about his feelings on all of this, or even talk about it. I didn't know if that last part was more for me though.

I was dreading the idea of starting school soon, not knowing anyone. I wouldn't mind it as much if my brother were going to school as well, but he had already graduated. He even had graduated a year earlier than he should have, because he's smart for his age, however I didn't get the smart gene, which I was always jealous about.

The room I was assigned to had a bathroom right next to it, both of which were up the stairs. I had to admit, it had a fairly nice view, which I was happy about. The walls were a dark blue, the carpet a dark grey color, and two windows, which I told myself I'd eventually have to get curtains for because they didn't have any. It had a queen sized bed with light grey satin sheets and several pillows, more than I'd need to sleep with by far. On the walls were pictures of James and I when we were younger, as well as pages from poetry books. In the corner was a mirror taller than me, and next to it a medium sized wooden dresser with a TV on it. In the other corner was a desk, with a desktop computer, a digital clock, and a modem.

There were no rooms here suited for any children, and I wondered why momentarily. Why do they have these pictures of us as children, why have they assigned this house to us in their will, why is it this house wasn't equipped for children in case they had passed earlier? I threw the thoughts into the back of my head.

I threw myself on the bed, sliding slightly from the slippery satin sheets. After landing on the bed, I threw three of the unnecessary pillows off the bed. The stress was beginning to kick in, and I quickly felt myself drifting off.

When I next looked at the clock on the desk it read 7:26 AM. I felt wide awake, and decided to take a stroll. The air was crisp, cold, and moist. I cursed at myself for not bringing a jacket and instead wearing black shorts and a black band logo t-shirt and flip flops.

My destination turned to the coffee shop to get some hot cocoa when I first saw him coming out.

I had never believed in corny things, like love at first sight, or even love to begin with. The closest I had ever gotten to a crush was when I was still in grade school and I played house with this kid in my class named Phil who moved. But when I saw him I felt my chest tighten, I felt like there were sparkles in my eyesight. My heart was going to burst for this boy I had never even met or talked to.

He donned a black turtleneck shirt, black jeans, and some converse shoes. His skin was pale, paler than mine which I had never seen before, and long, silk black hair pulled back in a pony tail. He looked about 6' 1", and looked thin, but not too much so. He had a masculine face, but what was most noticable on his eyes were his light grey eyes. He looked at me with those light grey eyes for a second, sipped on his coffee while doing so, then walked away. I wanted to know more about this stranger, but I doubt I'd ever see him again, and even though I knew nothing about him, this hurt me slightly.

I walked into the coffee shop and a perky blonde took my order, and gave me extra whipped creme on my hot cocoa because she thought I needed "some more meat on my bones", which slightly offended me but I thanked her anyways and gave her a tip for, because I do like sweets.

I returned home and James had awaken, and began cooking breakfast.

"Hey Yule, where'd ya go?"

"I got myself some hot cocoa, can you believe how cold it is in the mornings here? It's ridiculous!" He laughed at my vulnerability to the cold, and I scowled in his direction.

"Did you talk to anybody or make any friends yet?"

"No, but I hope to," I said, and the only thought crossing my mind was please.

Let that guy just be a really tall highschool student.