Scared, alone, in a familiar but foreign world.

I stagnate behind all my peers,

The sorrow creeps around, whispering

How I will never amount to anything.

The Darkness threats to swallow me.

But then she smiles and offers me a place to sit

Lunch with friendly faces. How simple something could be

But the light of the soul sneaks in when the darkness overwhelms.

The light of her soul, gentle and caring.

The light of the soul is not seen by the eye.

No, the light of the soul is felt by the body.

The gasp of air you feel, when the jokes are said.

The freedom of seeing her laugh. Knowing it's all okay.

For I know Angels walk the earth,

For I have felt them pass by, to fight the darkness

For the darkness is overwhelming,

But it cannot stand against the light of her soul.