Morning doves and blue jays,

Singing through the maple trees;

Crickets and cicadas,

Chirping in the midnight breeze,

The wind blows through these rich green leaves,

Ringing your neighbor's chimes,

Rain patters on the on the roof,

Splashes onto the pavement,

Autumn comes and leaves are rustling through the street,

Crunching under our feet, like the season's heartbeat,

Winter comes and ice is crackling, just like frozen flames,

Snow is falling gracefully, brushing through the barren trees,

Sleet patters on the windows and we all stay inside,

Let the season pass by, watch it flutter and fly,

Then Spring comes around, the birds are singing again,

Flowers blooming, nature cheering, turning green again,

There's pollen everywhere, in the street and in your hair,

Nature's confetti, that it drops everywhere,

Now the water's back flowing, rivers frozen no more,

Every animal's breeding, there are squirrels in your grill,

Who even knows how they got there, it's a mystery still,

Nature sings its song, and we listen, tranquil.