Red Watch

The ticking has long stopped
Sometime ago before I now knew.
Time flowing free, now suddenly locked
In the place I once grew.

My childhood: a twisted, tangled knot
Of memories with you and Grandpa,
My future: endless possibilities, but you're now a thought,
An imagination of happiness like Santa.

The ticking has longed stopped
But now I finally knew.
I wish I could turn back that clock
To show what I have become because of you.

My hands fly freely across the piano, because you taught
Me giving up was not a choice.
You did not give up on me though faith in myself, I have not.
You made me strong, you gave me a voice.

You taught me time, how to read the clock.
I can tell time, but I did not know yours was through.
You gave me this red, now dead, watch
But I have not given anything to you.

The ticking has long stopped
Just like your heartbeat too.
But when I look here at this watch,
It's not to tell time, but to remind myself of you.