Lumbering up the stairs in the aftermath of the members of the slumber party going to sleep, Asriel looked up to find Sloven taking out brownies from the oven, the girl placing them on the oven without his noticing.

"You had a taste for these?" Asriel asked, only to recoil surprise when Sloven jumped, whipping around to face him with fists raised, his hands raising themselves up in surrender. "Wait, I come in peace!"

Sloven looked surprised at his presence, still too used to being able to simply sense when other people were nearby.

When she saw that it was Asriel however, she lowered her arms, crossing her arms whilst turning away in embarrassment.

"It's fine. I have to get used to being without my powers." Sloven murmured.

"It's still bothering you?" Asriel asked as he moved a step closer to her, cautious and concerned.

"Yeah." She sighed, looking down to the brownies. "I'm probably jumpier than usual too, since I just woke up from a nightmare."

"Was it really bad?" Asriel asked.

"It WAS bad." Sloven lowered her head, closing her eyes. "VERY bad."

After a moment of silence, she felt a pair of arms hug her, Sloven's body tensing.

Memories of what such manner of affection often meant with her birth mother flickered through her mind, eyes widening as she relived it, there being the instinctive urge to shove Asriel back from her.

At this point however, he'd helped her recover via exposure therapy for long enough that she didn't instinctively do this.

Remembering it was only Asriel, her body relaxed, the girl leaning into him, eyes closed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Asriel asked her.

"... are you sure you want to know?" She asked softly. "I don't want to scare you too."

"I see you made brownies by yourself again." Asriel said, looking to the tray of hot fudge brownies.

"Is that a no?" Sloven whispered.

"You usually make them when you're worried about something, right?" The grip his arms had around her stomach tightened a bit, and he placed his jaw lightly on her shoulder, eyes closing. "If you want to talk about it, I'm willing. There's nothing I'm not willing to do, if it means helping you. Even if that means fighting the angel of death, fighting off a bunch of demons, or... talking about your nightmare."

Sloven smiled faintly, leaning her head onto his.

"Okay." She said softly, placing her hands over his arms.

After telling him about the nightmare, Asriel opened his eyes, them not moving from their position.

"I see... a dream like that's unsettling." He murmured.

"Yeah." Sloven said, leaning against his head still. "But... thanks, Asriel... For listening."

"It's no problem." Asriel said, looking down to the embrace he held her in from behind, Sloven's hands seeming to press themselves into his arms, noting that her hands were shaking slightly. "Are you still scared?"

"I'm not scared." She answered.

Asriel started to pull his arms from around her, yet Sloven pulled them back instinctively.

"Can we... Stay like this a bit longer?" She asked him.

"... Okay." He smiled, leaning forward and pressing his cheek softly against hers.

Sloven's eyes, tense slightly from her memories, relaxed, and she gave a soft exhale, her leaning her tired head against Asriel's once more.

"Do you still want to eat the brownies?" He asked her.

Having forgotten them, Sloven frowned.

"... it'd probably be a waste not to." Sloven said. "Though... now I'm not feeling as hungry as before."

"Let's eat it together then." Asriel suggested. "That'll make it easier, yeah?"

Sloven nodded after a moment, reluctantly letting Asriel pull away - he could hear her sigh of disappointment, though she didn't seem to realize it - as he got to cutting the brownies instead into equal parts, him carrying the tray to the kitchen table that had high chairs in front of the tall counter.

Sloven walked to a seat as Asriel did this, but her expression reflected surprise when he hugged her from the side of her chair, after sitting next to her, lifting the athletic 18-year old onto his lap, holding her.

"Asriel?" She asked.

"You liked it when I held you like this, right?" Asriel asked her.

She flushed faintly, but nodded. "I did."

"Okay." He reached a hand forward, taking up one of the brownies and bringing it up to her mouth, his other arm still wrapped securely around her stomach. "Ah?"

Sloven's blush deepened.

"I can feed myself..."

"Maaaybe." Asriel said, voice semi-playful. "But I feel like spoiling you."

Sloven blushed a deeper shade, then, with tense eyes, she leaned forward and bit into the brownie he held up for her.

"There you are." He smiled, voice back to normal as he picked one up for himself, eating it before commenting that it tasted good.

Sloven smiled at this, before he picked up another brownie piece, lifting it up for her to eat.

"Say "Ah~""

"... ah~"

Sloven bit down on the brownie, despite feeling childishly ridiculous, even by her standards, for doing so.

Once she swallowed, she noticed Asriel grinning at her, and she questioned it.

"What's so funny?"

"It's nothing. You just look so cute when you're smiling." He said, tone a mix of playfulness and simplistic contentedness.

Sloven blushed again, yet when Asriel reached for another brownie piece to feed himself, she turned her head, biting off a small part of it before he pushed it completely into his mouth.

Asriel's expression reflected minor confusion at this, which prompted her to bite off more of the brownie while he was startled.

She stopped when half an inch separated their lips from touching, and she pulled away, seeing his face redden at the near contact, her chewing on her brownie with a smirk.

Looking to the brownies, Sloven raised her right hand, playfully rubbing under his chin with her index finger.

"You're pretty cute yourself." Sloven said, some regained ground being taken, though she was visibly red herself.

Nonetheless, Asriel's expression became flustered, face growing redder, but due to either her calling him cute, her rubbing his chin, or both factors combined, it mattered not to the hanyou, who simply grinned at the sight.

Sloven then reached forward, picking up a brownie and bringing it to Asriel's mouth.

"Say "Ah~"" She said, voice teasing.

Asriel moved his head forward slightly, "Aaah..." biting down on half of the brownie, but not completely, him rearing his head and leaning it towards her mouth, tilting his head in a way that was reminiscent of a puppy.

Sloven flushed deeper upon realizing where this was going, then nibbled on the other end of the brownie, biting closer to his lips, before both simultaneously closed their eyes as they took the last bits of brownie from between them, their lips brushing against one another.

They kept their lips touching despite their having bisected the brownie with their teeth, the two, in that moment, kissing, Asriel opening his mouth to Sloven, who moved forward and ran her tongue along his, picking up parts of brownies while they lay in his mouth unswallowed, Asriel tensing from this as he felt her tongue grazing against his, him hesitantly moving his tongue inside of her mouth and doing the same action.

As their tongues rubbed against each other in this exchange, both felt a sensation that only Sloven understood, yet Asriel had trouble comprehending.

His eyes closed, yet, with Sloven taking the brownie pieces in his mouth, she tried to break the lip lock between them, only for Asriel to reestablish it just as quickly, holding her closer.

The girl's expression flickered with surprise, but then she began turning to her right to half face him, making the action more comfortable for both of them as her calves hung off of Asriel's right thigh, her wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing back, their tongues grazing against one another once again, Sloven's knees rubbing against one another as Asriel held her closer, a soft moan forming in his throat that came out as a groan as Sloven further deepened their lip lock.

Soon, their tongues brushed against one another feverishly, them fighting a battle for dominance as their restraints were let loose, eyes closing as their slippery tongues wrangled with one another, wrestling against each other, before Asriel, as a result of shortness of breath, had to pull away, the sound of their lip lock breaking commencing the session of heavy breathing between the two, Sloven seeing that Asriel's red eyes glowed a very small amount as he looked at her.

Sloven smirked, her leaning forward and nibbling playfully pecking his lips again, swallowing.

"Now... what was THAT about, hm~?" Sloven asked, voice teasing, despite both of their faces being flushed still.

"I... I was just... trying to get more of that brownie." Asriel tried to justify it, Sloven giggling faintly, before she leaned forward, pecking him on the lips again.

"Thanks for this." She whispered faintly. "Now I feel better."

"A-Anytime," Asriel said, visibly flustered, "I'm glad I could help, Alika."

Sloven smiled at his using her real name, then slid herself off of him.

"Hopefully you enjoyed yourself a bit." Sloven said, her walking to get a bowl, coming back and taking half of the remaining brownies on the tray. "I get the feeling I might do something... regrettable though, if I stay here. So... thanks again, but I'll head up to my room and eat."

She poured for herself a glass of milk, and walked to the Temporal Treehouse.

Seeing this, Asriel looked down at the tray and sighed to himself.

"... what the heck just happened...?" He muttered to himself. "That... why did I..."

He shook his head, the glow fading from his eyes.

He reached for the tray, picking up the brownie and lifting it up for closer inspection.

"Chocolate's supposed to release endorphins inside the body," he muttered to himself, trying to distract himself with trivia, but failing as a blush formed on his cheeks again, eyes narrowed, "maybe... maybe this WOULD help her feel better..."

"Are you okay?"

Asriel jumped at the sound of his sister's voice, looking her way with widened eyes as he saw her there.

"G-Grigori!" He exclaimed, before blushing harder. "Uh... how long were you..."

"I just came up." Grigori said, confused by his jumpiness, not having seen Sloven leave. "You okay bro?"

"Y-Yeah, just... eating some brownies..." Asriel lowered his head, face reflecting embarrassment.

"Did you take your meds?" Grigori asked him concernedly.

"I... I forgot to take them last night." Asriel admitted to his little sister.

"Go take them." Grigroi chided, and Asriel nodded. "I mean, I know chocolate makes the brain give out feel good hormones, but you can't disobey the doctor's orders."

"Y-Yeah." Asriel stammered, "I'll... keep that in mind."

"'Kay," Grigori smiled, then walked off to use the bathroom, leaving Asriel alone in the kitchen.

"I really need to do a checkup on this friendship we have." Asriel muttered.

Friends wouldn't kiss each other like that, he thought.

He looked down at the brownies again.

"This is your fault." He said, half-heartedly.