During the first storm, a wall of water crashed on the shoreline.
It destroyed everything.
And when it receded,
It left a year's-worth of broken trees to clear from the beach.

Afterwards, miles of smooth sand were backed by saplings.
But each high tide
Washed the grains away.
And splinters left behind made the walking hazardous.

Another summer storm hit again; this time with no warning.
It died just as quickly,
But with "less" devastation.
And the morning after, the sun peeked out from lingering clouds.

The saplings sagged, carrying the weight of future storms,
Though the sand seemed clean.
But the saltwater tides
Dried out their roots and dredged scraps of wood onto the shore.

After this second storm, there was a hope for better skies.
But clouds sleep on the horizon,
And a steady stream of rain
Keeps the splinters exposed and the saplings burdened.