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Brittany- New superhuman sibling

Emily- New superhuman sibling (Brittany's twin)





Mr. Davenport

Brittany's POV:

We've been stranded for a week with no money, place to live or food. Emily and I been using our invisibility power to sneak food and eat but we are so weak to even use our powers. It's winter and we've been walking towards mission creek for 20 minutes. We also haven't eaten anything in 5 days but we kept going because we wanted food. We finally found a house and it was huge. "Emily look a house, let's knock and see if we have any luck" I say. We knocked the door and saw a middle aged man with black hair. "Hi girls how may I help you" he asked. "Hi can we have a meal, we've been homeless for a week and have no parents" we both asked the middle aged man. I used my mind reading to read what he is going to say. I read that he is suspicious that we are a threat and that we are a possible threat to his secret. What secret? Anyways I should assure him that we are no threat, even with our powers. "Look if you don't want to help us it's ok we've been used to it" Emily said. "No come in" the man said. After 30 minutes Emily and I were showered and we were having our first meal since 3 days. Today is pizza night so they got pizza for the family. Each of us ate 2 slices and called it a night. We were staying at the house until the man who is called Donald Davenport found us a new father. Emily and I were at the guest room and then I heard her say "Hopefully our new father isn't like our old one" and I started crying. "I'm nervous I don't want the same thing to happen to us again" I said with tears in my eyes and hurt in my voice.


"Stop" I screamed to my father who is a rapist. He had me naked tied down to the bed and he kept licking me in my vagina. Emily walked in and saw our father doing the harmful stuff to me. "Come join the fun" He said to Emily. No and Emily zapped him with her electrokinesis knocking him unconscious and used her superstrength to untie me and then she supersped me away from the house. And we've been homeless for a week.

* Back to the present*

I kept crying in Emily's lap and then Bree opened the door and saw us and hugged us and asked us if we were ok. She obviously knew that we were in pain but I want to know how.

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