In Another Time, In Another Life

There are times when

no matter how we try

to hold on

and fight for it,

a love just can't be.

Tears and sacrifice,

pain and hurt,

along with hopes that

what lies ahead

would be a silver lining.

Every fairytale we know

tells of going through trials

but always in all ways,

pain and suffering end,

'coz a happy ever after awaits.

At times though, the planets

and stars do go crazy

and you end up with

the one you truly love…

What a gift from the heavens!

But to those whose desired

destinies didn't meet

and sad to say, weren't as lucky,

can do nothing but accept fate

and move on with one thought:

Perhaps not now,

not tomorrow,

not ever,

so long as we're alive…

but maybe

somewhere, someday

the heavens and the universe

will conspire for our love to be

in another time,

in another life.