Chapter 7

They never said they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Jukey continued to refer to Kenn as her best bud and bosom buddy but she stopped shunning him at school and she was happy to be seen with him and to most it looked like the two were a couple even if they didn't talk about it.

It was Jukey who asked Kenn to the prom. She dropped a couple of subtle hints and when he failed to pick up on her intention, she finally had to bluntly say "So are you going to the prom with me or what?"

Kenn was stunned by the invitation. "Are you sure you want to be seen with Acne Ugly?"

"Stop saying that," Jukey requested as they sat on the school stairs together.

"A pretty girl like you could ask any guy in the school," Kenn pointed out.

"I'm asking you," she replied.

Jukey found a nice dress in a consignment shop. Kenn borrowed a used tux from a friend. He got Jukey a corsage and a bouquet of flowers. She let him pin the corsage to her breast.

Jukey's mother took photos from her wheelchair and Kenn's father even made the effort to walk across the street and wish the young couple well.

Kenn was self-conscious about dancing but Jukey nursed him along and by the end of the night he was one of the best dancers on the floor. Impressed people actually talked to him and complimented him. He almost felt like he belonged.

Jukey wasn't interested in any of the after parties or even going out for ice cream like some of the couples were doing. Kenn drove them to the Blue River lookout and they sat on the trunk of Jukey's mother's car looking at the stars.

"How many of those couples at prom tonight do you think are having sex tonight?" Jukey wondered.

"I don't know," an embarrassed Kenn replied.

"I'm thinking I might finally be ready," Jukey announced.

"What makes you think I am?" Kenn worried.

Jukey laughed. "You've been waiting for me for a long time," she said.

"You make me feel so happy and so afraid at the same time," Kenn reported.

"Good," she smirked.

Kenn looked nervous. He closed his eyes and let out a breath.

"Relax," Jukey said, resting her forehead against his.

"I can't," Kenn revealed. "You make me ache."

"You make me feel," Jukey admitted. "No guy has made me feel before."

"What about those previous guys?" Kenn asked.

"They no longer exist," Jukey told him.

"Okay," he said.

"Maybe you should take me home now," Jukey said.

"Yeah, your mom," Kenn agreed.

"That's not what I meant," Jukey said, taking his hand as she slipped off the car's trunk.

Kenn drove them home not quite sure what to expect when they got there. How could he compete with those who came before? What could he do to make her feel special?

He parked the car in the garage and Jukey slipped out of the vehicle.

"I have a want for you," she told him as she took him by the hand and led him toward the house.

It was dark and it was late and she led him to her room.

"What do you want?" Jukey wanted to know when she closed the door behind them. Her room was dark except for the shine of the moon coming through the window.

"I want you to be happy," Kenn replied.

She pulled him to the bed and had him take a seat while she peeled off her dress and undergarments and once again she stood before him naked. "How many times do I have to get nude for you before you respond appropriately?" She sighed.

He stood and undressed before her and when he was naked he gently had her lay on the bed. He lay beside her and kissed her collarbone and her breasts.

"I want to pleasure you ways you've never been pleasured before," he said as he slowly moved down her body. "I bet all those other assholes didn't care what you wanted."

He heard her softly sob. "I was a piece of meat."

"I'm not going to do that to you," he said and she felt his tongue between her legs.

"Nobody's done that before!" She said with surprise, lifting her head up off the pillow.

"You deserve pleasure," Kenn said, looking up at her.

She dropped her head back and let out a contented sigh. "Kenn," she said happily.

He rubbed his hand along her opening and then down the insides of legs and then he kissed the inside of her thighs before moving back up to her opening with his lips and tongue, sliding his hands under her backside and raising her up.

"Oh, Kenn," Jukey moaned as she began moving her hips in reaction to his mouth and hands kissing and rubbing her opening.

He finally inhaled her entire opening into his mouth, licking her lips with his tongue and then sucking her insides, tasting her and smelling her. She began to drip into his mouth and he was enthralled by the entire sensation and how her inner muscles responded to his stimulation. She was moaning and sobbing at the same time, finally able to receive instead of always giving and being used as in the past.

She stuffed the pillow over her face and moaned into it when he brought her to her first climax of the night and Jukey was pretty sure it was the real first climax and orgasm of her life. The previous guys weren't interested in how she was doing, only in their own personal pleasure.

But Kenn wouldn't stop what he was doing down there and Jukey started moaning again, moving faster with her hips as he continued to stimulate her in various ways and soon she experienced another orgasm, this one more powerful than the first and after her body stopped shaking and shuttering she lay prone on the bed, exhausted and satisfied, overwhelmed by her emotions as she sobbed into the pillow.

"You make me feel," Jukey sobbed with disbelief. "You make me feel."

Kenn moved up the bed and wrapped her in his arms and let her cry into his chest. When she finally was done with letting out her tortured and stuffed emotions, Jukey rolled onto top of Ken, pushing him onto his back as she mounted him, looking down into his eyes.

"This is the first time I've ever felt anything like this," she said happily. "Now I want to be your first time."

He stared pleadingly to her eyes. "You're always going to be my first time," he promised.

"I love you," she realized, bursting out with a smile of amazement. "Oh My God, I love you!"

"Now you're ready," Kenn told her.