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Life was wonderful.

It had taken weeks of begging, but Racheal had finally convinced her parents to let her go to the school dance. Racheal had had her eye on a boy at school and was desperate to make him notice her (he was a very popular boy and had so far ignored her).

Positively bursting with enthusiasm, she arrived at the dance and started chatting with her girlfriends to pass the time. As the clock struck ten, the door swung open and there he was. And then, oh joy, he was making his way over to her.

Her breath caught and she was sure she was going to have a heart attack, it was beating so fast. He came right up, swept her off her feet and asked. "Would you like to dance?" Racheal swooned and fainted.

"Gladly," Racheal yelled, and rolled off her bed, the floor creaking as she landed on it.

With despair positively overwhelming her she realized it was all a dream. She wasn't at the dance, her parents were still refusing to let her go, and the boy of her dreams was still taking no notice of her.

Oh! Her poor heart. It was all too much to bear.

Oh, well, time to get up and salvage another miserable day.

The house was getting starting to fall apart, and having 4 brothers didn't help, but it was holding up so far, as Racheal walked down the creaking steps (the house was two story, not including the attic).

She opened the door to the dining room and was met with the usual migraine inducing racket. 2 year old Joshua and 5 year old Paul were in a squabble over some pieces of LEGO, her father was setting the table, and her fellow teenagers Oliver and Harold were watching something on Oliver's I pad.

"And how are you today, my dear daughter?" Mervin asked.

Racheal sighed. "Dying of a broken heart," she felt every bit as miserable as she sounded.

Merv nodded. "Rather cheerful for you, then."

Racheal stiffened, then pulled out a chair and sat through it.

"Oh, my poor little girl," her mother came out from the kitchen and helped her up. "I've been meaning to replace them for years."

"Don't worry Mum," she rubbed her behind and ignored her youngest brothers laughter. "My life's been ruined so much that I really don't care anymore."

"Oh, nonsense. But really, this is too bad. We should at least be able to sit while we eat."

At that moment, there was a massive explosion from the kitchen.

"Uh, how about not being able to eat?" Oliver's stomach growled as he said it.

"Oh, Lord have mercy," Sarah threw her arms up and raced into the kitchen. Then a heartbroken wail. "Oh why, oh why, blessed mother of God. I've always been a good Catholic."

She emerged a few seconds later, looking crestfallen. "There is a menu correction," she sniffled. "I will now be serving bologna sandwiches." There was a chorus of moans from everyone.

"But no bread."

Merv stood up and led the evacuation. "I'm gone to work on the shed. Have a nice day, love."

After snacking, they all lazed about, it being a Saturday. Oliver went to his room to surf the net, Joshua and Paul went to play, and Harold just lazed on the couch wondering what was worth his time. Racheal decided it was hot enough to dip in the pool.

Mervin went to the shed to begin knocking it down, and thus began one of the most exciting days of their lives.

Unfortunately, in real life exciting is bad.

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