Let Me Know.

and it is simple, see,
i'm easy to find, hard to
grasp, it should be simpler
to let go and say to love,
let me, hold you, if i let go.

a gentle tide, take me wherever
you want, i'm free for a few
moments and flashes tonight,
few ways to make me talk.

i'm not playing, never been a fan,
there's no thrill in regret, there's
nothing sweet in saying goodbye,
guess it's too late for that.

there's a part of you and me
that will never be ready, part
of letting yourself be, part of
forgiving yourself for being wrong -

and small, and big, and all the
things they've said not to be, but
how can we help ourselves? pending
dreams and a thirst to savor it all.

how you feel like home, how you look like a
dream, the kind i used to have when i had the
time to be kind - to others, mostly - didn't
know i'd forget how to - to myself, mostly.

too many questions, barely a flower
in time, and it's a summer epiphany, that
of wanting to stop, pause, rewind, so
only to memorize what i'll leave behind.

it doesn't feel like giving up, a hard
bitterness to wash down, i know, i've never
felt deserving of anything close to enough,
always too much even when i'm barely hanging on.

but i'll simplify this morbid coldness that
creeps up at night, sleepless and worn down,
i'm comforted by knowing we're flowers in time,
can let go of what i've been before, let it die.

it will be a short answer, be kind,
if i let go, will you still be there?
a hand in your pocket, sunbeam at
the edge of your smile for this.

(for me)