The crowd exploded into cheers as the band finished their song. The lead singer looked out into the crowd of her adoring fans and looked to her bandmates who gave her a nod in unison. A smile formed on her face as she yelled out, "Y'all want one more song before we end!?" the crowd erupted into more cheering. A smile formed on her face before she skipped over to her guitar player and whispered something. He nodded and mouthed something to the other bandmates who all had a smile grow on their face.

"Alright, before we leave we'll give you one more song, but not only one more song. A new hit single!" the lead singer yelled as the crowd cheered more vigorously. She nodded again to her bandmates before they began playing. She began nodding to the music before she began to sing.

As the song went on, the light behind the band would light up and illuminate their silhouettes to the audience. Now and again the lead singer's silhouette would change and appear taller and with what looked like skeletal hands reaching up from her shoulders only to disappear and her silhouette to go back to normal. Once the song finished the crowd erupted into cheering as the lead singer yelled, "Thank you Syracuse"

Three days later:

The bathroom door swung open as a small five-foot-three woman with long raven black hair walked out into the hallway still drying her hair. She wore a baggy tank top and baggy basketball shorts. She hopped down the stairs to the living room before she hopped over the back of the couch. She flipped on the TV to see herself on stage singing to the massive crowd and the bottom of the screen saying: Car Crash on the Scenic Route plays to a packed house at the Chevy Court Pavilion.

Her phone buzzed. She picked it up to see a message from Eric saying: Emily! Did you see? We're on the News! Emily rolled her eyes before she responded. She then sighed and let her head hang over the back of the couch. She cocked her head towards the door leading to the basement and sighed again.

"Welp, better get this over with," Emily said before she got up and headed for the basement. She opened the door and looked down into the pitch-blackness of the basement. She felt at any moment something would run up from it and tackle her, but then she laughed it off and switched on the light. It illuminated the grey carpet at the bottom. She descended the stairs and let her bare feet hit the carpet. She wiggled her toes into the carpet always loving the feel of it ever since she found it at the home improvement store. She looked around at the basement that housed a minibar, large TV, and recliners for when her friends would come over for New Year's parties or just to hang out. Her eyes then fell on the wooden door at the back of the room.

Emily headed towards the door, running her fingers over the back of each recliner. Once there she reached for the cold iron doorknob and pushed opened the door to reveal an unfinished room. With cold cement floors and red bricks making up the walls. She walked into the room, turned the light on, and shivered as her bare feet hit the floor. She closed the door behind her before she walked towards a folding chair and sat down.

"So," Emily began before she added, "Long time no see." Across from Emily, was. Emily. Her doppelganger was halfway out of the wall with her bottom half-submerged into the wall by a large black swirling void. Her arms were chained to the ceiling above keeping them hung in place. Covering her mouth was a plague mask with tubes that snaked their way back into the void keeping Emily's doppelganger in the wall. When her doppelganger saw Emily she glared at her

"Oh don't give me that harsh look," Emily said before she added, "Every time I come down here to visit you always give me such hateful glares. I'm doing this for you, you know. Do you want to be left down here all alone?" her question would go unanswered as her doppelganger simply glared at her.

"Whoopsie me, I forgot you can't speak with that mask on," Emily said before she placed her right leg on top of her left and continued, "So are you comfortable? Is that position hard for your back? Again her doppelganger simply glared at her. Emily just sighed.

"Every time," she said before she got up and paced while continuing, "every time I come down here. All you do is glare. Is it because of your position?" Emily stopped and then had an epiphany.

"I know! You're mad at the alterations I made to your body," Emily said before she took a once-over of herself and added, "Well I'm sorry, but I needed to. No one's going to get involved with how you originally looked. I had to help you look the part of an entertainer. A little bit of help in the bust area and maybe a little inflated botty and you got yourself eye candy." Emily then hugged her self as she began to drool.

"You have no idea how much ecstasy I get when I get all those lustful stares from men and some of the women in the crowd. It's sometimes hard not to just grab one of them and go to town with them. However, I need to remember my place in all of this, Emily said before she sighed and looked back at her doppelganger who was still glaring at her.

"Maybe you don't like talking to me while I wear your skin, Emily," she said before she added, "Fine, how about we talk face to face." Emily then began to morph.

Her body began to grow as her baggy clothes began to become tight on her body. Her skin changed from its tan color to a coral orange color. Her skin began to get rougher and resemble the texture of alligator skin. Her hands began to grow as her ring, middle, and index finger on each hand fused and formed one long massive four-inch hook-shaped talon while the other two took the shape of much smaller talons. Her feet grew as well, but three of her toes fused into a long talon while the other two fused and made the same thing while from her heel grew a single long talon. Each one being four inches in length. From her shoulders grew five long, hairy spider legs and looked like they were crawling up from her back rather than growing from her skin. The bottom of her mouth split in half revealing large, shark-like teeth that seemed to spiral down her throat. A tail with an arrow-shaped tip wriggled out of its lower back and seemed to wrap its self around the creatures right arm

"So, how about now? Are you ready to talk," the creature asked? Gone was Emily's southern-bell accent. Each word seemed to be a different voice and a different accent almost like different people were talking.

Emily glared at the creature that took her life away which made it laugh out loud and say, "Why are you mad at me? I'm not the one who signed the contract. However, I will say you humans are so easy to manipulate." The creature laughed and walked over to Emily before getting eye level with her. Emily simply glared into the large emerald green cat-like eyes of the creature before it added, "But I can't blame you, humans, for that fault. After all, you all inherited it from your ancestors. You wouldn't be in this predicament if they had just understood the terms and conditions of that apple."

The creature walked back towards the folding chair and quickly changed back to its original form of Emily. It stretched and sighed; "Now if you don't mind I have to look into this tiger king documentary the internet is raving about." Emily felt the chains around her arms begin to move as she was pulled from the void revealing her naked bottom half. The chains lifted her above the floor leaving her dangling a few feet above the floor.

The creature opened the door and stopped in the doorway before it added, "Now I know you don't like this part, but I have staff that needs," the creature said as it turned to Emily added, "A certain, how you say need from my clients. you must understand. This is what it means to work with a succubus. you've dealt with this for a few months now and from what I've seen. you'll get used to it in a few more months."

The creature just smiled at Emily as the plague mask suddenly disintegrated showing long claw marks down and around Emily's mouth. the creature simply chuckled as she shut the light off and closed the door leaving Emily in complete darkness. from where the door once stood, red eyes began to blink into existence. The creature chuckled as she walked away from the door and towards the stairs. As she took the first step, she turned to the empty wall where the wooden door once stood.

five months ago:

Emily sighed as she sat in the recording booth. She let the words of her vocal trainer echo in her mind.You're doing great. A few more months and you'll be a star.

"A few more months?" Emily said to herself. She felt defeated at those words. Sure, it was progress, but not the progress she was hoping for. Derek was already far past the expectations of his guitar coach and could already play Through the Fire and Flames without many mistakes, Matty was already playing Through the Fire and Flames like he was part of the band and he was already a natural singer, Racheal was a natural on bass guitar, and Eric had been playing the drums since he was a kid so all that was left was her. she felt she was keeping the whole band from their dreams of being like their favorites: Linkin Park, Evanescence, and Icon For Hire. She wanted to be on the same path as her friends. she didn't want to be the reason they missed this year's music festival.

"Well someone seems to be down," a voice said breaking Emily from her train of thought. She looked up to see a tall businesswoman with long raven black hair and emerald green eyes. The woman walked into the room and presented Emily with her business card.

The business card had the woman's name in gold etched on the top with her companies name underneath. In the corner was a large red inverted chaos star with the arrows pointing to a goat's head in the middle.

"Chaos Studios?" Emily said as she looked up at the woman. She just laughed and took the seat across from Emily.

"Yes, that's what our CEO wanted to call it. He's all about putting Rock, Punk, and Metal back on the road to anarchy and chaos. He's a real fan of the old school metal and stuff," the woman said before she laughed, "He's all business until he sees his idols and goes all fangirl."

"So what does he want with me? Mrs. Cross?" Emily asked.

"Amy will be fine," Amy said before she continued, "The CEO likes to keep tabs on any up and coming rock bands. The owner of this studio has told us wonders about you and your band."

"It's not my band really, we all are equal parts of," Emily began before Amy waved her off.

"I know, I know, but Our CEO is interested in the band and the rather unorthodox name you've chosen," Amy said before she added, "We know the next Music Festival is coming up in a few weeks and we want to help the band be ready for the event." Amy then reached around to her bag and pulled out a contract.

"Now, we want to endorse Car Crash on the Scenic Route during the music festival, and to do so, we will offer all our services to the band to ensure you're ready for the festival. all you need to do is sign. Now, this doesn't have to happen right away. We understand you want to talk this over with your bandmates," Amy explained. as though mentioning them would summon them. Matty, Eric, Derek, and Racheal walked into the booth with the two.

"Hey, Emily," Matty said before he added, "Whos this?" pointing to Amy.

"Amy Cross, I'm part of Chaos Studios. My CEO is very interested in the band and wants to endorse you at the next festival."

"Really? Dude that's awesome!" Eric said. Amy smiled as the rest of the band huddled around Emily and began to sign the contract. Like clockwork, you all still fall like Adam and Eve. Amy thought as she licked her lips.