Through the sound of rain falling he could still hear it, the explosions in the distance, but he didn't care he just kept on running. He could still hear them, the ones who took the first hit and their dying screams. Tears began to form in the corner his eyes, he didn't have a choice. It was either stay and die, or run and live another day. Even when the Lieutenant ordered him to hold the line with his comrades he didn't listen, after all it doesn't matter the Lieutenant got rip to shreds by a .50 caliber. By now tears had already filled his eyes to the point where he didn't see the root he would trip over. Feeling the ground connect to his entire body snapped him out of his break down for a few seconds.

He quickly cleared his eyes out with his muddied sleeve, not caring about the mud staining his face. He checked his surroundings and saw a one story cabin, not caring if it was inhabited or not he ran for it. Quickly opening the door, happy to see that the door was unlocked, he saw that the house was abandoned. Chairs were tipped, pictures were missing, and other household items. Slowly he walked over to a chair by a fire pit and flipped it back up and leaned the rifle that had held loose against his back against the wall. Finally being able to sit down made him realize how tired he was. The attack had begun around Six am in the morning, right now it was probably Five pm right now, it was hard to tell with rain clouds blocking the sun.

Looking around he was able to see two beds in the cabin, "there was a family here…" he wondered what happened to them, he wondered what happened to the rest of his friends. He could feel the tears building up again, he tried his best to ignore it but you can't forget something like he just did. "I-I-I'm a bloody coward!" he yelled as he began to cry, "I just wanted to live! I didn't want this" he stood up and walked towards a window. "I-I was just…" he could see smoke rising from the plains with fire scorching the earth. It was like god placed this cabin here so he could watch as his comrades died from a distance. "I was afraid" he said as his legs gave out and slowly he fell down and positioned himself where his back leaned against the wall and bawled his eyes out.

"Bewegen, bewegen, bewegen!" he heard as the sound of tracks rolled closer to the cabin with voices following after. Quickly he stood up and looked out the window and saw them, enemy soldiers. He quickly backed away from the window and grabbed his rifle. "Wir müssen von dem" It was the voice again it was closer than before and the sound of tracks had stopped moving. He froze, did they know he was there, he then slowly walked over to the window and quickly peeked outside. "Was von ihren Kräften übrig ist, schneiden!" He saw, who he had assumed was the commander of the group, shouting at men setting up a three mobile artillery tanks. He held his breath as he watched them fire the first barrage of artillery, and felt more guilt build up inside him.

He looked down at his rifle in his hands and listened as they fired another barrage, and something clicked. "Oh lord almighty here my prayer" he muttered as he opened the window "give me the power to fix my mistakes", he took aim. "And the power to help save my comrades" and with that he pulled the trigger. It was if god had granted his prayer for the bullet had hit one of the many shells that had yet to fire. There was flash followed up with a loud roar and the man was able to watch as the shell blow up destroying the artillery tank. It had also sent shrapnel through the commander and other soldiers that were close enough and somehow hit the artillery shells for the other tanks and watched as they too were destroyed. He wasn't able to believe his eyes, one bullet, one bullet was all it took, he slowly walked outside and watched as what was left of the enemy burned away.

This was war, he quickly realized that during his first deployment, and saw what it could do to men. War was able to break them, leaving them scarred for the rest of their life. He looked up into the sky and closed his eyes as he listened to the fire burn and the explosions in the distance. "Thank you lord" he muttered as he open his eyes and looked back at the cabin and at what was left of the soldiers. He was able to remember why they were fighting and what filled them with the courage and bravery to continue the fight. No they were not fight for honor, nor glory, they...they were fighting for the world. With that thought finished he turned back at to look at the plains and saw no more explosions nor did he hear the cracks of gunfire, and so he began to walk back, as a different man.

I would like to say that the events in this story are not real, well to my knowledge, and that I did not really put that much time into editing. Though if you enjoyed make sure tell me.