Before Everything Ends

On the cold floor, I am currently lying

With my blood streaming out, slowly dying

I am ready to accept my very death

But still, I have but one and only regret


To her, there is something that I must tell

The feelings that I could not express, very well

I'm resolving myself to tell her what I mean

As I recall the moment of that pleasing scene


The day when we first met was a cold morning

The atmosphere was cool and the sun was rising

A cool breeze came, naturally I shivered

But looking at that hill nothing was uttered


There, a girl on a one-piece dress was standing

Her chestnut-colored hair was gently fluttering

Has a pale skin that seemed as white as snow

The most beautiful girl that I ever saw


Gazing at her, I'm sure, some time have gone past

Not wanting it to end, wishing that it would last

Looking at her, I was full of admiration

Then noticing me, she looked at my direction


She asked, "Can you please stop staring at me?"

Taken by a surprise, I replied abruptly,

"I still want to keep looking at your fairness."

Blurting out my real thought, I was very careless


The instant she heard that, she became flustered

That cute blushing face, I have always remembered

Why did this happen? Why did this have to happen?

With mixed emotions, my arm around her tightened


As I'm losing my strength, at her, I'm looking

Her two eyes were closed but she is smiling

Beautiful expressions, always she would make

But her smile right now, seeing it, my heart would break


But before everything ends, I have something to do

Must tell her, for I have never been able to

My throat is dry and also my breathing is rough

But it was never enough for me to stop


And so, I began to embrace her very tight

In my voice, I put every ounce of my might

I opened my mouth and then the words came out

Words that even now, I still wanted to shout


But it was a coarse mutter unfortunately

She didn't hear me? Or maybe she is already...?

Then those thoughts of mine were denied instantly

When I felt her slender arms clinging to me


As I was feeling her breath, she softly whispered

It was almost inaudible yet the words were heard

Learning her reply, I doubted my own ears

For it was the very words that I wanted to hear


I am very happy but my eyes are closing

I cannot stop it; it felt like I am losing

The warmth in my whole body is now disappearing

Then my consciousness also, starts fading.