FOREWORD: Welcome to the third and final installment of my Gargoyles of Craven trilogy! Much like the first two, this is not a standalone story, and it's highly, highly recommended that you read the first two before this one. The order of the trilogy is: Stoneheart, Stonesoul, and then this one, Stoneborn. This story clocks in at about 138,000 words, with approximately 53 chapters in total. As usual, I plan to update it fairly regularly — twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The first chapter of this story will be posted on Friday, September 14th! I hope you come back to give it a chance! :)

And if you're interested, this story will also be posted over on Wattpad, and there I'll have a cast list and such. Please enjoy!


It should have ended the night of the Halloween dance. Darrow was captured. He was taken into custody by the White Witches. Everything should have been over. But if the last few months have proven anything, it's that things don't tend to go right for Shyla Bellamy. Darrow escaped — somehow — and once again, nobody knows where he is. There's tension between the gargoyles and the White Witches, and Shyla's older sister, Faye, is still trying to come to terms with everything's that happened.

But life goes on — it has to. Shyla still has classes to attend, teachers to impress, and friendships to maintain. Being a teenage girl isn't hard enough, apparently, and she's stuck trying to balance her time between the normal human world and the bizarro magic one that she's still so clueless about. But things are getting harder and harder. The magic in Shyla grows worse every day — it grows more powerful and volatile. To top that off, even with Darrow in hiding, dark warlocks have gotten more bold in their attempts to hunt her down. And this time, they don't want to kidnap her — they just want her dead.

The only things keeping Shyla afloat are her relationship with her gargoyle bodyguard-turned-boyfriend, Quinlan — who does his best to understand what she's going through — and the idea that she might possibly be able to learn how to control the magic inside of her. If she can harness it like the White Witches, she might stand a chance against the dark warlocks. But as time goes on, it seems more like the magic wants to take control of HER.

In between keeping everyone around her safe and happy, Shyla is in a race against time to get the magic out of her before it consumes her completely. And Darrow may be keeping a low profile, but he's got big plans and an even bigger secret. Just what is it that Florence knew about him? Can he even be stopped?