"Into the dark again, to feel alive again and waiting..." ~ 'Real Love' The Smashing Pumpkins

Chapter 1. "A Day in the Life"

Her name was Sepulatura Porter. She was 16 years old and lived with her grandparents in a trailer park in the city of Elyria, Ohio. She was short, standing only 5' 4", with shoulder length jet black hair, a pale complexion and wore nothing but black. Yes you could say she was your typical 'goth kid'. She listened to mostly rock, punk and grunge, but on occasion you would find some rap and hip-hop mixed into her music library.

Many of the teachers at her high school called her a troubled youth. They attributed her angst and masochistic behavior from the death of her parents when she was just a year old. It's because of this reason her grandparents had had custody of her, and although she treated them with respect, she didn't have that same attitude towards the rest of the world.

She was often quiet most times. Barely noticeable to anyone even when she was in their presence. When she did speak, it was with a dour monotone voice, flavored with hints of sarcasm and condescending remarks. She detested anyone that she considered 'well off' or 'spoon fed', believing that they didn't know what life was really about because everything they had was given to them and not earned.

During school she would sit by herself and avoid everyone as best she could. The one friend she did have, a boy by the name of Bill, ended up blowing his head off one day because he was constantly ridiculed and made fun of because of how he looked. He too was a goth kid and after getting beat up one day last year, couldn't take it anymore and went home and ended it all. The kids that bullied him were reprimanded with a school suspension for about 2 weeks, but that was about it. Nothing else was done about the matter, and soon after everyone forgot about it. This just gave another to hate society and everything that came with it.

When she did have a free period at school, you could find her in the library reading. She mostly read books about fantasy or romance, and if they didn't have anything new or something that she hadn't already read, she would turn manga. She found great joy in reading as it was an escape for her in the reality that she lived in.

About 3 months ago she got her first job, working at a local grocery store chain called 'Marc's'. She would take the transit bus every Monday through Friday from her school to her job and worked till about 9pm. By the time the bus dropped her off at the trailer park entrance it would be dark and she would get in just long enough to eat, do her homework, surf the web, and pass out watching anime. Only to repeat the process the next day.

Since she really didn't have any friends to hang out with, her weekends were mostly comprised of her helping her grandmother clean the house, and occasionally help her grandfather with the yard work. In the evenings she would either play video games or play on an acoustic guitar that her grandfather bought her for her 16th birthday.

Sepulatura was the definition of a loner, and this was her life since she could remember.

That is, until today. Today, everything changed.

It was around 1:30pm when the principle of her high school located her in the library. She was reading as always, engrossing herself in one of her many fantasies that took her out of this reality. He approached her with a very grim look on his face.

He asked to walk with him and together they made their way to his office.

What he said to her next, changed her life forever.

With as much courage as he could muster up, he had told her that her grandparents had been in a car accident, and that they were rushed to a hospital in Cleveland and that he was to take her there.

Sepulatura's stomach bottomed out, as a wave of emotions came over her. This was something she never could've or ever wanted to imagine.

The ride there seemed to take forever, and the cloud of fear and anxiety that loomed over her made her speechless the whole way there.

When she arrived, she was taken into a doctor's office where she was told to wait. She wanted to se her grandparents, but they told her that the doctor who was treating them wanted to see her first.

After a few minutes the doctor entered the office and closed the door behind him.

His voice seemed distant as he had told her that her grandparents were already passed away when they arrived. They died on impact.

Tears began to fill her eyes and her emotions began to run wild. She told him she wanted to see them.

He advised against it. Saying that the injuries that caused their deaths were severe and disfiguring. That she may not be able to handle the trauma.

She didn't care...she wanted to see them anyways.

Reluctantly, he took her into the room where they laid. Their bodies and face covered by a bloody white sheet.

First she walked up to her grandfather's body, pulling back the sheet just enough to see his face. Part of his skull missing and eyes were still opened. She stared at him. The doctor pulled the sheet back over him and then she turned to her grandmother's body which laid in the bed next to him.

The doctor pulled the sheet back revealing her face. It was covered in blood but otherwise untouched.

Sepulatura put her left on her grandmother's forehead. For moment, she could hear her voice asking her if she could help with the dishes.

With the blood still on her hand, Sepulatura turned and walked out of the room.

She made her to the bathroom just outside the emergency room and washed her hands…

She looked in the mirror and the florescent lights seems to make skin more pale than usual. She noticed her face was smeared in black mascara, so she splashed her face with water and wiped away and remains that may have been there.

It was as if time stood still, and everything around was non-existent. The air felt heavy and her head throbbed.

Making her way back out to the emergency room she sat down. She made not a sound but just sat there. Her principle sat nest to her and asked her if she was ok. She didn't reply.

The next few hours were a blur for her. She didn't know what to do or how to handle this situation.

After a while, the doctor told her that a next of kin was notified and that he would be handling the affairs from here. He asked her if she was ok and if she wanted to stay at the hospital for the night, she declined and said she wanted to go home. Against his better judgment, he let her go, and told her that her grandparent's next of kin would be contacting her in the morning.

When she got home, she walked into the house, laid down on the couch, and quietly wept until she passed out.

Morning came to a knock on the door…

She groggily awoke and pulled herself up from the couch…

Making her way to the she opened it and there she saw a tall man. He had a thick, dark gray mustache, and long dark gray hair. He wore old faded blues jeans and a beat up looking tattered leather jacket.

"Sepulatura?" he said with a deep, southern toned accent.

For a moment she seemed dazed and not sure of what to make of him, "Yes?" she softly replied.

"My name's Coven. Coven Porter...I'm your uncle..."