Chapter 17 ~ "Notorious Thugs"

Before anyone can say anything else, the van begins to slow as I see Crow look out his window, "Ah, we're here." he says.

The van slows to a halt and Bludd shuts off it off. We sit for a moment and nothing is said. It's as if we are all trying to catch our breath for something doesn't even require it.

Zack gets out first, who is currently calling Dirt at the moment. Bludd then gets out next. The side doors of the van slowly open and Crow hops out, with Edger leaping off his shoulder and flying out of sight. Normal.

Delilah looks at me and says, 'You good to walk?"

I look at her and smile, "Yeah, I'm cool. I think." I reply with a giggle. She smiles back at me, "Bah!" she says with a wave of her hand, "You'll be hungover and feel worse than this!" she smiles and kinda giggles as well.

I can't help but love her smile. It always seems to make this shit I'm going through right now not feel so...well, shitty. Heh, you know what I mean.

Anyways, I step outta the fan followed by Delilah. As I do I can see the skyline of Cleveland not too far away. Lighting up the night sky, through the light rain. There's a slight chill in the air, but nothing I can't handle. Wow, I can kinda see my breath. Fuck, I didn't think it was that cold. I take my phone outta my back pocket and check the time...3:09am. Damn, didn't realize it was that late...or early I guess depending on how you look at it.

Oh well, no missed calls at least. I suppose that's a good thing. Oh shit! Now that I think about it.

I open my phone and check my location settings.

Damn! I should've done that shit earlier. Hopefully this wont come back to bite me in my ass. Wow, that was some famous last word shit. Anyways, I turn it off my location and then put my phone back in my pocket.

I then look around and notice that we're in a suburb. It's totally urban as fuck, and there really isn't anyone around. Houses line the street, with cars are parked up and down it. The sounds of the city can be heard in the distance, along with the feint patter of the rain.

We're parked in the street in front of one of these houses. This one in particular that Bludd is now walking towards is a huge duplex. We all begin to follow him as I hear Zack talking on his phone, "Nah man, we here waiting for you!" he says to who I'm guessing is Dirt.

He continues, "Man why the fuck did you decide to stop off and grab some damn tacos? You're ass is supposed to be heading here!"

I can't help my smile and kinda giggle, as he listens to whatever answer it is Dirt is giving him. He then looks over to Bludd who is walking next to him, "Where the hell are they?" he asks Zack,

"Man these niggas went and got some goddamn tacos!" he replies.

"Really?" Bludd says not looking really surprised by this, as this must be some kind of reoccurring theme with Dirt, "Hell yeah." Zack says to him.

Bludd then walks up onto the porch of this house, "Look we ain't got time for this, just tell him to get his ass to Devon's house asap."

Zack then tells whoever it is on the phone, "Hey man look, Bludd said to get your ass here now! He ain't playin'!"

There's a little bit of cross talk but in the end Zack basically tells them to get here as soon as possible.

Zack hangs up on the conversation as he walks up next to Bludd who now stands at the door. Bludd looks over to him and says, "Look, we know what we gotta do, and Dirt ain't got time to be fucking around with this."

"I know man, who the hell you tellin'?" Zack tells him, "I been trying to get him back into the program since that damn incident he had with those goddamn shrooms. That mother fucker ain't been right since that shit went down."

"I don't give a fuck," Bludd tells him, "he just needs to realize we ain't got time to fuck around man, and this shit needs to get to done."

"Right!?" Zack replies with a bit of surprise in his voice.

"I'm just sayin'..." Bludd finishes as he knocks on the door.

We make our way up to the porch. Delilah looks around the neighborhood, "Seems kinda ghetto around here." she whispers.

I look around and I understand how she feels but honestly, it doesn't really feel that way to me. I think back to where I grew up. Yeah it was a trailer park but that's ok, I mean it wasn't the greatest and true there was times when I wish shit would've been better but all in all, it wasn't that bad.

This area doesn't seem too bad. Trust me, I've seen worse.

I've seen areas where there's no way you could walk down the street day or night unless you was either the right race or wearing the right colors.

That's just how it was, especially at school. It wasn't always 'Saved by the Bell" or "Boy Meets World" bullshit…

Life isn't anything like that shit you see on TV...You gotta realize there's a whole nother world out there then what you see on this bullshit mainstream media.

Facebook, and all that other shit is just a skin for the flesh of the real world.

But, everything I have seen thus far, blows away anything I thought was actually real.

These last 48 hours of my life has totally changed my whole perspective on everything I ever knew about real life.

I can hear a dog barking at the door, then I hear a voice of a man from the other side of the door yell out, "Shut the fuck up Tyson!"

We walk up on the porch and the locks on the door begin to click.

The door opens, and the silhouette of a large figure of a man can be seen from the light enveloping the door.

I can hear thunder in the distance. I then can hear the sound of raindrops hitting the street.

The figure then says, "Son of a Bitch!"

His voice is deep and strong, as he appears to a large man, as tall as Bludd. He then pulls Bludd in and gives him a strong hug, "My motha-fuckin' Niggah!" he says as Bludd hugs him back, "Goddamn brotha, it is goddamn good to see you again!"

Bludd then says, "It's good to see you too my man!"

The figure in question then steps out of the light so I can get a good look at him. He is a tall black man, incredibly muscular and around his mid 20s. Maybe almost 30. It's kinda hard to tell in this light. He's wearing a tight black t-shirt that says "E-40" on it. He's wearing ripped up baggy blue jeans, and what looks like a pair of black combat boots.

He looks to Bludd and says, "Where you been man?"

"Oh you know," Bludd replies, "around."

The figure then smiles and shakes his head, "Always the ghost man."

He then smiles once again at Bludd, gives him one final pat on his shoulders.

He then looks over to Zack, giving him a hand clasp he gives him a hug, "What up my niggah?" Zack hugs him back giving each other hard brotherly slaps on the back, "You know man, livin' the dream!"

"Always." the man says. He then turns his attentions towards us.

The rain begins to fall pretty steady. You can hear it pattering on the street as the cool air touches our skin. The figure walks toward us. He looks over to Crow,"Wassup Crow?" He too gives him a loud manly hand clasp. Crow smiles at him, "Devon, it is good to see you old friend,."

Crow then looks over to Delilah, "I would like to introduce you to Delilah," as he points to her, "the daughter of Coven."

Devon looks to her in alike a "Dayum" kinda look and says, "You Covens daughter!?" Delilah smiles and kinda blushes and looks away, "Yeah." she says with a slight giggle. Devon then says, "Well shit, I didn't know the old man had it in him!" They both laugh and he then says, "Good to meet you Delilah."

The figure who I now know named as Devon, extends his hand and shakes Delilah's hand, but as he does he then looks towards me, as Crow begins to speak, "And this, is Sepulatura Porter...Mayne's daughter."

There is a long silence. It's almost uncomfortable to be honest. The sound of rolling thunder can be heard in the distance, and honestly, it doesn't add any kinda help to this current mood for me.

As I look up to him I can see that his eyes seem to have some type of blue tint to them. I'm not really sure what that means, but who knows? The way this shit has been going this dude may be made of some kind of lightning or something for all I know.

He walks up to me. He looks at me and then says, "The daughter of the man..."

He then extends his hand to me. For a moment I hesitate and then extend my own. We shake hands…

"It is an honor to finally meet you Sepulatura." he says to me.

I honestly don't know what to say to this kinda reaction anymore. People seem to think I am some kinda messiah or something, when all I am is just some stupid girl that is caught up in some dumb shit I have no idea about.

Obviously my dad was a great man, but if you want the truth, he wasn't that great to me because I didn't even know the guy. That's a fucked up thing to say, but do you want me to lie? I mean honestly, who was he and what the fuck did he do that was so important? Sure I know what Dirt told me, but I mean come on, I know very little about this guy who was my father.

What more can you expect me to say?

The best reply I can come up with at this moment is, "Thanks."

Devon looks somewhat shocked by my reply, but then he kinda grins. I think he gets it.

So, after an awkward moment of silence, Devon says, "Yeah, so...let's get inside. It's cold as fuck out here and black people hate cold!" Everyone, including myself, laugh at his wild comment.

Even though the Awakened have to live in secrecy, and for lack of a better term, struggle every day and sometimes have to fight to keep their 'forbidden freedom' alive…

They still find time find humor.

Man, and I thought I used to have it hard...reality check.

Anyways, we follow Devon into his home.

We make our way into a typical, suburban home. It's well kept and dare I say, cozy.

Yeah I went there.

Anyways, it's a pretty large home. When you first walk in you see a wood oak stairway leading upstairs. The walls have like a plain beige color scheme, but hanging around this entire entrance are these various sizes of framed pictures of what I'm assuming is Devon's family.

The pictures range from children, to old folks. Family shots, to school pictures. It seems like there are generations of images kept on these walls. Damn...that is one rich family history. Must be nice…


Anyways, there's an open hallways just to the right of the staircase as you walk in the front door. I can see it leads to the kitchen. It's lit up and from that direction I can hear a woman's voice speak up, "DEVON! DEVON RAY! You better come git this damn dog ah yours or I'm about to whoop this motherfuckers ass! We about to be eatin' some goddamn Chinese tonite if you don't do somethin' with this son of a bitch!"

A look of frustration immediately flows over the face of Devon, "Alight Mama!" he shouts to the kitchen while throwing his hands in the air.

I honestly can't help but find this funny as hell. Obviously he loves his mom but she definitely gets on his nerves at times.

With a sigh, Devon says, "I'll be back, y'all can chill in the living room." He motions to the right where a large living room awaits.

Bludd nods and heads in. We all follow.

The living room, for all its simplicity, is very decorated with that, I guess...'home' feel?

There's a massive large screen TV hanging on the opposite wall when you enter the living room. Huge bay windows are at the front of it, facing the house. There's a large black wrap around sofa and a love seat and basically all the standard things you would find in a typical home.

What does stand out the most tho is a set of 3 katana sitting on the mantel about the fireplace that is on the far end of the room. Their handles are wrapped in black and white cloth, and their sheaths are covered in a black and white marble finish.

They definitely don't look like those cheap ass katana you buy at your local flea market, no...these are different.

I walk over to them to get a better look at them. I kinda think I am almost mistaken, but I swear I hear a very feint humming sound as I get closer to them.

I don't even notice that Bludd has walked right up next to me and says, "Diggin' the blades?"

I gasp from being startled by him, and turn to look right at him.

"Easy princess!" he says with a slight grin. I can tell he gotta kick outta scaring the shit outta me.

I then let out a deep sigh and look away from him, and yeah, I am kinda grinning too as I realize he's such a fucking smart ass, "God your such a douche!"

Bludd smiles, "Yeah I get that vibe too!" he says with a snicker.

I then look at him shake my head. I then look back up at the katana, "They're beautiful." I say.

"Yeah, and deadly." I hear from the left of me. I turn and look and notice that Devon is standing there in an open doorway that leads directly into the kitchen.

His face has a look of seriousness to it. Something I didn't expect out of him upon our first meeting.

In his hand he has what looks like a 12 pack of beer. He walks up to us and pulls one out and hands it to Bludd. He takes and cracks it open.

He then pulls out another and offers it up to me. I smile and say, "Indeed." as I take it from him. I crack it open and take a swig. Hmm...that's good beer. I check the label, and it's from a local brewery around here called 'Great Lakes.' The label has a werewolf on it and is called, 'Bierwolf'...interesting.

"Always great your guests with alcohol. It makes the bad news your gonna hit 'em with later easier to handle." Devon says, sounding like he's quoting someone. Curious, I then ask him, "Who said that?"

"Mane..." he says with a smile, and walks over to Zack who is now sitting on the couch.

I watch him walk away and honestly, I don't know what to say.

Then outta no where this black woman walks in from the kitchen. This is obviously Devon's mom.

"Bludd! My baby!" she says with her arms held out and walking towards Bludd. He smiles and kinda looks embarrassed as he hugs her.

She seems so cool. She cant be taller then 5'? She's like, dressed in these pair of old faded blue jeans, and blue button down blouse. Her hair is strait and shoulder length. It's jet black except the tips which have somewhat of a silver tone to them.

"I am so glad you still alive baby. You had me worried." she says to Bludd as she hugs him deeply.

See? That's what's so cool about her, the love she seems to have in her heart. Kinda refreshing to see something like that with all the hate and shit going on right now.

It them occurs to me…

Is, Bludd her kid? Or is she just like using some kinda metaphor?

Bludd then says while hugging her back, "It's all good Big Mama, I didn't get fucked up!"

I can't help but smile at that comment. Bludd, for all his hard ass emotions, still seems to have a heart for those he gives a shit about.


I then see what looks like a tan colored half rottweiler, half pit mixed dog come running in the room. He immediately jumps up on this lady Bludd refers to as 'Big Mama'.

She lets go of Bludd and pushes the dog off, "Get the fuck off me goddammit!"

Devon immediately steps in and grabs the dog, who doesn't seem to be hostile in any way at all but rather, overly friendly, "Come one Tyson!" he says as he pulls him away.

"Damn," says Big Mama, "Mother fucker done fucked up my new blouse!"

She then focuses her attention back on Bludd. Giving him one last kiss on his cheek, she says, "I'm just you're back baby,"

She then looks at me.

For a moment we just make eye contact.

There is what seems to be a long, awkward silence, but it may have just seemed like a couple seconds, that felt like forever.

She then tilts her head slightly, then asks, "Sepulatura?"

I don't know what to say at the moment. It seems as though time has stopped and it's as if this woman has known me for a very long time.

I wish I could place it into words but it is something that you would have to be there to understand.

I then quietly murmur out, "Yessum?"

"So," she beings, "you've come home..."