It was beautiful, but it was fucking heavy. Metres and metres of gushing blue silk, dark like her eyes, flowing out into a huge bouncing skirt, layered over a matching under layer, intensely folded to create a perfect princess silhouette. The bodice cut into a crisp v neck with dainty little straps leading into the even lower back. Dramatic as it was, the dress was undeniably striking; so skilfully constructed that it was if the gods had clicked their frivolous fingers and it appeared, fashioned from the night itself. The touch of brilliance was the black diamonds frosting the bodice, subtle against the dark blue, but turning the dress into a thing of mystery, as if bragging of the secrets it holds in its seams. Mother had really outdone herself this time.

Rane studied its edges and soft curves in the mirror. The cut was too understated to be one of Renson's works, too edgy to be Flora's, in fact it looked like an entirely new designer. Well, anyway, she liked it. It wasn't flouncy or ultra-feminine, it was sexy with a lower waistline too show off her womanly figure, not hide it. The lowcut front was daring and, with a slow look head to toe, she concluded that she pulled it off. She flashed a smile at herself and revelled in her image, her dark blue eyes were ringed with dark eyeshadow and framed with a silver eyeliner, her black hair choppy and barely reaching her shoulders. Despite her mother's disproval she kept it short, a choice she made one year and just decided to stick to.

She did that a lot- made choices spontaneously for the sake of it. Life can be boring when you are rich and its easy. It was never major decisions though, just little things, except sometimes the little things can change your life.

The click of her ornate door handle being turned brought her back to the moment, and she looked up to see Cinthia, her handmaid coming in. She absentmindedly fiddled with her dress and put her smile back on. Cinthia gave a polite smile and then held out a silver shoe box, which Rane took and put on her bed, turning back to her reflection and nodding at Cinthia to leave. Cinthia never seemed to like her, so she reciprocated.

When she heard her door opening again, irritation flickered through her, but it was just the guard opening the door to let Prince, her beautiful black cat, in. He jumped up on to her king-sized bed and draped himself over her expensive silk sheets. She rolled her eyes at the spoiled cat who she loved so much. She walked up to her bed and stroked a purring Prince before turning her attention to the shoe box. They had better not be high, she flinched at the memory of the last pair with their dangerously thin heal.

She lifted the glossy lid and was met with a pair of flat (thank the gods), dainty satin shoes, the same blue of the dress with a cluster of sapphires on the front. She was admiring the craftmanship, lifting one up to look closely when she noticed the folded piece of paper under the shoes. Curious she picked it up and opened the thick creamy paper.