Plinky Of the WuggleWumps:

Plinky pulled up in front of the Galactic Ceremonies Building in Topaz City. He shut the door of his car, emerging with sunglasses on and a shining tuxedo with a tie that he adjusted promptly. He stepped into the building with papparazi surrounding him asking him all sorts of questions about his previous outings.
"How did you know Zebly was psychic?" asked one reporter.
"He knew my name, which by the way is Plinky. Plinky Plinky!" said Plinky raising his eyebrows. "Is it true that you and Bubbles are in a relationship?" asked another reporter.
"Let's just say we're takin' things super smooth and super slow. Plinky style! But I'm not giving her up, and I'm not letting her down!" said Plinky, again raising his eyebrows.
Plinky entered the building. Suddenly he was surrounded by space fish.
"HAHAHA! It was all a trick. You really thought this was real?" said the fish in unison. Plinky karate chopped all of them unconcious and left the building clasping his hands together like it was all nothing. But not before he was approached by a familiar face-Bubbles.
"Good job Plinky" said Bubbles. "Yeah well I'm used to it by now" replied Plinky. Suddenly Zoobly showed up.
"Is this where blue dragons audition for spin-offs?" asked Zoobly.
"No, that's down the hall to the left" replied Plinky.
"Glurp, glurp, what?" asked Blueberry who was nearbye eating blueberries. Suddenly the lights went dim and Stacy the dragon appeared on stage. She had a big box.


At Crusher's Ice Palace:

"You gave me the wrong map, didn't you?" said Zasher, putting his claw up to his mouth with a naughty grin of 'No, no no, we don't do that'
"No, I didn't. I gave you the wight one. What makes you think I didn't?" asked Crusher.
"Oh, I don't know maybe the fact that me and my troops went through blood sweat tears and hell knows what else for NOTHING!" said Zasher. "Whatcha gonna do about it? I got the tightest security here you can't stop me" said Crusher.
"That's what you think" said Zasher, hitting a button that sent Crusher into a pool of sharks. Crusher died.

Zasher's dream:

"You're such a super dictator!" said Stacy, as she applied cream to Zasher's scaly back and massaged it.
"Ahhh, yes, I know, I know" replied Zasher.
"I don't think dictators come more super" said Stacy.
"Oh yeah, that's it, a little more to the right" said Zasher.

"It's no wonder your initials spell abs, baby!" said Stacy.

Suddenly he woke up from his pleasant dream. There was Vale attempting to give him a shiatsu.
"Apologies Master. You seemed to be rather enjoying it" replied Vale.
"I THOUGHT YOU WERE SOMEONE ELSE OKAY!" yelled Zasher. Vale ceased his operations. "What am I going to do with you?" asked Vale.
"Kill me" said Zasher. Vale sent a huge fiery lighning bolt towards Zasher.
"AUUUUUUUUUUGH. Not literally. You idiot!" said Zasher running away.
"Fine. If he doesn't appreciate me, I'll take matters into my own hands" said Vale.
"Are you ever gonna perfect that spell that makes it so you don't have to go through shedding? You got scaley crap everywhere" said Zasher.

Later Vale told Zasher his plan.

"We failed to obtain ultimate power from the antennas we removed from the plinky creatures. What if we tried to seek control over a different group of creatures?" asked Vale.
"That's it," said Zasher snapping his fingers. "Zapleeka! The wugglewumps" he added. Zapleeka meant "Eureka" in Grezlarian.
"Who are zeh Wugglevumps?" asked Vale.
"The Wugglewumps are a group-er-tribe of creatures who live in the deep forests made of pure energy. They are balls of light that smile frequently and give off high vibrations that the plinkies all gather around and get a sort of rush out of. If I can capture all of them the plinkies will lose their powers and all the power will belong to me through the Wugglewumps. We can then use them to bring back power to Planet Grezlar by building a computer!" said Zasher.
"Excellent Master. Glad I thought of it" said Vale, striking Zasher unconcious with his wand and proceeding to float out of the room. He headed for the place on the map of Plibble where the WuggleWumps allegedly resided.


"So, you havin' trouble with some ZuggleZumps John? What are they?" asked Plinky.
"Zugglezumps are creatures of negative energy. They find us repulsive and want to destroy us! Their leader is Rohn Zuggle" said John Wuggle the leader of the Wugglewumps. Suddenly Rohn Zuggle appeared. "So, Mr. John Wuggle I see you right there. And without any licorice. How do you hope to stop me without licorice?"
asked Rohn.
"You shouldn't have given away your weak point" said Plinky, tossing some licorice into Rohn Zuggle's mouth" said Plinky.
"I didn't. Needs more blueberries" said Rohn. "That can certainly be arranged" said Blueberry, tossing a blueberry into Rohn's mouth. Rohn ran away in a neverending explosion before finally being reduced to a much weaker form of Zugglezump. Just then Vale showed up and began trapping all the Wugglewumps in jars. He casted a sleeping spell on Plinky and Blueberry.


Stacy showed up in a stealthy ninja outfit.
"Oooh, female ninja, sexy!" said Blueberry.
"Yeah, exactly, so you two have a mission" said Stacy, showing Plinky and Blueberry blueprints for how to disable the security systems of one of Vale's factories.
"We're on it, Missy" said Plinky.
"Missy? Really?" said Stacy.
"You don't like that?" asked Plinky.
"Just not used to it" said Stacy, batting her eyelashes.


Plinky and Blueberry shot down all the alarms, kicked the butt of all the guards, and did as they were instructed.

The Squirmy Wormy was the stealthiest move a plinky could make. They snuck around as if they were puddles of jello,
just sloshing across the floors. They found Wizard Plinky in a cage.

"You raised Vale eh? Tell us more about him!" said Plinky.
"I'm not sure what made Vale go to the dark side. Maybe that black magical cape I gave him on his sixteenth birthday"
said Wizard Plinky.
"SO IT'S YOUR FAULT THEN!" said Blueberry.
"Easy now. The cape wasn't magical in that sense, but it was the color black" said Wizard Plinky.
"Oh, so you're innocent. Glad I don't have to throw these blueberries at you. More for me" said Blueberry, stuffing his face.

Plinky and Blueberry freed John Wuggle and the Wugglewumps.
"So how did you guys get to be forms of pure smiling energy?" asked Plinky.
"I worked at Radio Shack" replied John Wuggle. "I'm a time traveler, it's complicated, never mind" he added.

So Plinky freed the Wugglewumps and sent them towards Vale with the assistance of Wizard Plinky.

"TAKE THIS!" shouted Wizard Plinky, transforming Vale into nothing but a skink. Vale then slithered away into a nearbye tunnel and wasn't seen again

for three more years.

The End