Falsified Promises

It begins with the end, as it always does,
Stubborn wills in steam-filled depots,
Following the words of prophesied, falsified change.

Listen to the promises of self-gain
Covered by the lies of selfless ballads,
Watch the transition of life to death,
Watch the oncoming thunder roll across the living hills.

Did you see the fear lying in wait?
Do you feel the pain inching forward?
Here, let me tell you how it will all go away:
Hah, it won't.

Did you really expect the world to change?
For people to hold true to their promise?
Oh, they'll ask for trust,
They'll pull you in with honeyed words,
And you'll be felled by the bittersweet poison of spoken lyrics.

They'll swear on their lives, and yours,
They'll promise a better place for your children,
They'll preach and promise more,
And we, as always, will follow the words of prophesied, falsified change.