To Ash

I see myself in Death's cold eyes,
I see the fear you try to hide,
I see the pain you posses,
I see you fall and crumble to ash.

Perhaps you think me evil and wrong,
But please do not think I will bring harm,
Trust me when I say that I can take all your pain away.

Is that trepidation I see?
You think my words will rust?
I suppose you can try to flee,
But you will end up right back in my arms.

Why do you flee from me?
You cannot escape the promises I bring.

Very well, run.
I will watch you as you fail,
And then I will catch you as you fall.

I was like you once, running from fate,
I wish you would trust but I will not push,
Just know that I will see you soon.
There is no one that Life can keep from me.