"Dan!" Jordan ran over, kicking up blinding pink dust as he did. "We have to go after her!"


That made the shorter male stop dead. Jordan stared with a hard look that said, "Are you kidding me?"

"I'm serious, Jordan, let her be. She ran because she's worried about hurting us." He rubbed the back of his neck, forehead creasing. "For now, this is what's best."

"I can't believe you. One second, you're Mister-" Jordan's voice became a mocking falsetto, "It feels wrong to split up' then the next-!"

"That was before it seemed like history was repeating itself with her."

"What history?!" Jordan yelled. "There is no history if nothing's written! You saw. It's all gone now. And silver lining, I'm pretty sure that also means we're free from here."

It dawned on Dan then, that Jordan was actually happy to see their world gone.

Given his role for most of the time there, maybe it wasn't surprising. Well, shouldn't be.
Dan felt a strange tightening in his chest at the notion that his friend wasn't as shaken as he and Emma had been. But he pushed it down.

"Jor, you are clearly the only one who thinks that. I am not happy about this, but for now we have to plan around this...She'll come back if she wants, alright? Meanwhile, we still have to figure this place out."

Jordan glared a little more, before giving up and nodding. "Fine, what comes next?"

"It's a world in the Fantasy Quadrant. First things first, we should look the part. Uh..." He was scrolling through a set of strange icons on the Circuit screen now. "Let's see... I'll order the Protagonist Package for us. Sound alright?"


The Nexus Circuit had on its rightmost side a set of purple switches and buttons. Dan pressed the first button, and a purple flash materialized clothes in the air.

A white set fell on Dan's head while something bulkier and blue fell on Jordan's dark hair.

To their great surprise, the clothes were nothing but whites scrubs for Dan and a blue jumpsuit for Jordan, both with black patches on the back for some reason.

"Not gonna lie, that's pretty damned underwhelming."

"Just bear with it for now."

They quickly changed in the hot sand, and set off for the closest island, where the Circuit promised them they'd find Pacagon's civilization.