Crimsyn sat at the piano looking out the window. Usually she would play for hours as she looked out the window, but today she had no desire to play. She'd lost the desire when she returned home a few weeks ago.

"Your highness." A maid called from the door way.

"Yes Marla." Crimsyn answered not looking from the window.

"Sister Margaret is here to see you your highness." She said and bowed out.

Crimsyn sighed and walked down to the main corridor to greet the Nun she would be studying under until her brother married. She put on a smile she didn't feel and greeted the woman.

"Sister Margaret, what a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure." Crimsyn smiled hugging the Nun.

"I have come to speak with you and your mother on when you will join us at the church." She smiled doing a once over of Crimsyn.

"It was discussed that I would join the church once I returned from court with my brother. His final attempt to show any eligible men that I am still available for marriage." Crimsyn said leading the nun to the other room for tea where her mother was reading.

"Sister Margaret, what a wonderful surprise." Her mother said looking up from her book.

"Your Majesty. I just came to speak on the matter we discussed when your husband fell off the wagon sending your poor daughter to that monster king." She said crossing herself at the mention of Emeric.

"I am just pleased that he did not harm her. I am fully aware of what kind of man he is. Demon King, my Lord he is a vicious one." The Queen said as a maid brought in the tea.

"As far as we know your majesty, that monster is known for doing awful things. That is why I wanted to speak with you. Crimsyn could have been compromised while she was in his care. Being compromised people will talk, I feel she should come with me to avoid such slander towards her good name." Sister Margaret said softly so as not to offend.

Crimsyn looked to the sister, furious that she would even consider such a thing from a man she knew nothing about. Looking to her mother, she had her hand over her mouth and a worried look on her face. She began seeing red.

"That is enough, His Lord did not lay a hand on me except to remove the bindings my father put on me. His name does not portray him, Emeric is a kind and caring King compared to my father who almost started a war with the Southern Kingdom. Just because he wanted to marry me off to some knight whom would never love me. May God have mercy on the both of you for thinking that he would sleep with me. I am not compromised, I am uncompromised. Dandelion white!" Crimsyn yelled at them as her brother walked in.

"Crimsyn it's time to go." Donnell said noting the red that crawled up her neck.

He followed her out to the carriage and they sat in silence as they began the trip.

It had been hours since Crimsyn had spoken, she was ashamed of what she had done. Said such things to her mother and Sister Margaret. She would pray at court.

"There is more on your mind than blowing up today, tell me. You are never this quiet Crim."

She sighed and looked away from the window, "I just don't feel the need to talk anymore. No desire but I feel as though that part of me is missing." She said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Donnell sighed and pulled the letter that he had recieved when they had returned home. Opening it, he read it again:
I have no intention of returning Crimsyn, I have grown fond of her and wish to keep her here permanently as my Queen so as to keep the peace between our kingdoms. Further discussion upon your arrival.
-King Emeric

Reading over the letter again and returning the same look of concern back to his baby sister who tried to hide her tears. He had grown up watching their father tear her down, make her feel as though she did not matter, make her feel ugly and unwanted. She was once outspoken and loving, but she became angry and quiet. A temper to rival anything in this world, his sister deserved to be happy. Happiness was in the Southern Kingdom for her. They had maids that could do the same job she would, he would give his sister her happiness.

Folding the letter their carriage came to a stop, they had arrived. The door opened and Crimsyn walked down first trying not to stumble over her full skirts. She certainly missed the simplicity from Emeric, he hated the full skirts, never allowed them in his home. Instead he insisted she wear simple form hugging gowns. The flowing feel of the single colored gowns, her mother preferred the skirts that looked like you had an entire Kingdom beneath you. Crimsyn could remember picking her feet up and resting on the metal that kept her skirt domed. She giggled and missed a step almost tumbling had her brother not caught her.

She took a deep breath as they walked inside. Looking around all she saw were painted faces, much like hers, and fake smiles. Crimsyn kept her eyes on the floor but her head was high. Keeping close to Donnell she listened to all the conversations and when she finally looked up she saw a familiar smiling face from across the room. Her smile was as bright as the sun.

"Brother, if you will excuse me." She whispered in his ear before running towards Maude.

She slowed her pace and made sure the older woman saw her, Maude smiled bright and crushed Crimsyn in a hug. Tears fell and Maude drug her into a hallway so as to hide.

"Crimsyn, how I've missed ye. Ya did nae even say farewell." She said as tears fell down her cheeks.

"There was not enough time, my brother took me once I left my bath that night. I am so sorry." Crimsyn cried against her.

"He is here and sparrin with some of the attending Knights. He put his men through the ringer these last weeks." Maude said as if reading her mind.

Crimsyn blushed at the idea of sparring. If he were upset he would spare with a beam until his knuckles bled. Looking out the window, she saw that it was already getting late.

"Good night Highness." Maude said with a knowing smile and left towards the servants chambers.

Crimsyn chewed on her bottom lip as she walked to her room listening to the groaning.

"Beg pardon, is anyone still out there?" She asked one of the Knights.

"Aye, the Damned Demon King 'im self. Jus' bout tore me arm off he did." He continued grumbling as he walked off to ice himself no doubt.

Crimsyn rushed to her room and put on a more modest gown, easier to walk in. Taking a deep breath she walked silently through the halls and outside to the stables where she heard grunting and the undeniable sounds of flesh hitting wood.

She peaked in and saw the Demon all men feared in battle. He was light on his feet, quick, and she imagined each blow he delivered was planned seconds before they were given. He had abandoned his shirt and wore his britches low, Crimsyn stood there in the shadows of the door watching. The sweat gleamed off his back as his muscles bulged with each swing.

She could feel a familiar yet still strange warmth coming over her body. Emeric seemed to be the only man that did that to her without ever laying a finger on her.

"Are you just going to stand there, boy? Get me a towel and go wake my maid." He growled walking over to the bowl on the other side of the stable, "NOW." He bellowed when he did not hear any scurrying feet.

"A please goes a long way. How dare you demand someone go wake a sleeping woman. She is exhausted." Crimsyn yelled stepping into the light.

Emeric turned ready to tear apart whomever questioned his orders. He froze and his fury faded when he saw Crimsyn in the Olive green gown he had given to her a few days before she left. He adored her in green, it added something to her body. Even when she was furious with him the red climbing her chest and neck seemed to draw the eye. His body instantly hard for her he took stride and met her in the middle of the stables.

Crimsyn was at a loss for words, her fury that he would make someone wake poor maude at this hour. But that didn't seem to matter anymore, now all she wanted was Emeric to touch her. She had been yearning for his touch for weeks, it seemed as though his touch was just as much a part of her life as breathing.

"Say something." He whispered as he lowered his lips to hers.

Inches apart, Crimsyn didn't know what to say, she wanted to kiss him. Wanted him to ravish her body, to touch her all over. She took his hand and held it tight, taking note of the bandages on his knuckles.

"Many nights with a post." He said softly as she slowly removed the bandages from his hands.

Minor Bruising, but no damage to his hands. Looking up at him, she saw the lust and longing in his eyes. Crimsyn wanted Emeric too, but what would happen when he got tired of her.

"You think too much." Emeric whispered as he finally kissed her.

Crimsyn melted in his arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer. Pure rock against softness, though his hands were rough he handled her ever so gently. He was kneading her ass like fresh dough. She did think too much, but now she only had mush in her thoughts.

Emeric drug the skirt of her dress up her legs slowly. Crimsyn pulled him closer, doing so caused him to push her back against the beam he had been beating.

"Emeric." She gasped feeling the ridge of his engorged excalibur.

He buried his face against her neck as he continued to push his hips against her, pulling her gown up and over her thighs. Crimsyn raked her fingers through his hair, the soft breaths in Emeric's ear was his undoing and he wanted to lose all control.

"You are returning home with me after court, no exceptions." He demanded softly in her ear before biting it.

Crimsyn moaned louder than intended, Emeric latched his hand onto her breast.

"Crimsyn, are you out here?" Donnell called walking down a path.

"Fuck." Emeric groaned against Crimsyn's neck.

Crimsyn blushed, but in the process of pulling back Emeric tore her dress.

"Crimsyn." Her brother called again, he was getting closer.

"I have to go." Crimsyn said kissing him one last time before running out holding her torn dress up.

She ran straight into Donnell, he put his hands on her shoulders to steady her. When he looked down at her he saw the torn dress and saw red. Looking back to the stables he saw the Bastard King walking out pulling on a shirt. He was furious, but looking down at his sister he put that aside and took her back inside. Crimsyn went to bed alone, it was a quiet night.

The next morning Maude rushed into Crimsyn's room and roused her by shaking her.

"Crimsyn, you need to come with me, right now before they kill each other." Maude said pulling a fresh gown from the wardrobe.

"What is wrong? Whom is going to kill whom?" Crimsyn asked pulling the dress on as she ran out behind Maude.

Sure enough her question was answered before Maude could answer. Donnell and Emeric were beating the hell out of each other.

"You get Emeric, I'll get Donnell." Crimsyn said running to where Emeric's last hit had sent her brother to the floor.

"Crim, move." Her brother bellowed grabbing his sword from the floor.

"Finally, I thought I'd never get the chance." Emeric said pulling his own sword from the floor.

"Crimsyn." Maude called as they got closer.

"That's enough!" Crimsyn said standing between the two battered men.

They dropped the tip of their swords glaring at one another. Bloody and bruises already forming on them, their loud breaths were all that could be heard as Maude cleared the crowd.

"what the hell is wrong with the two of you? You do not fight here, this is neutral ground. There is not fighting allowed here." Crimsyn yelled at them as they collapsed.

"I asked one question, he threw the first punch." Emeric chimed in first pointing his sword at Donnell.

"You bastard I will never allow my sister to be condemned to you." Donnell bellowed flying to his feet.

"What are you talking about?" Crimsyn asked glaring at her brother.

"I asked for his blessing for your hand in marriage. He said I'd dishonored you and well you see the end result." Emeric said jumping to his feet and pointing the sword at Donnell again.

Crimsyn was shocked, he had asked for her hand and her brother about killed himself. Maude stood off to the side with her hands covering her mouth.

"What?" She said softly looking back to her brother.

"I would fight every day, even if it meant starting another war with the Northern Kingdom, to have you as my bride." Emeric said limping towards her.

Crimsyn could hear her heart pounding in her ears.

"You mean that?" Donnell demanded glaring daggers at him.

"With all my heart." Emeric said taking Crimsyn's hand.

With a sigh he smiled and limped over putting his hand out to Emeric.

"Its time someone showed my sister love and happiness. Just can not believe that it's the Demon King. I give my blessing, should my sister agree to such." Donnell said as Emeric took his arm.

Crimsyn was at a loss for words, she could not think, all she did was look to Maude as the woman cried tears of pure happiness.

"Crimsyn, what say you?" Emeric asked taking her hand tight.

"Yes." Crimsyn cried launching herself into his arms.

They both fell to the ground, Crimsyn was happy. Emeric's body screamed as it collided with the wood floor, but he couldn't be happier with Crimsyn finally in his life for good, no one would take the rose that had finally calmed this Demon King.