They were four puppies, and they had simply chosen to follow their mother when she called all the other dogs to go chase the mean humans around, and it was fun!

The fearsome four charged after one guard, barking like mad as they chased him down a hallway before one of the pups skidded to a stop and sniffed at the yummy smelling air. Those smells were yummy and what if there was food?

A quick glance at his siblings revealed that all the pups had the same thought, they were hungry and could certainly chase down the mean guards later with full tummies! So they abandoned their frightened prey and walked towards where all those nice smells were coming from!

Following their noses to the kitchen, the four pups walked into the room, letting the smells get even stronger as they kept sniffing. The lead pup walked forward, sitting down and tilling his head. The food was on a table, which was where humans ate! But they were on the floor and needed to get up there!

One of his siblings growled and rushed forward towards the nearest chair, standing up on his hind legs as he scrambled to get up onto the seat. The other pups charged forward and shoved their brother up onto the seat, before working together to get up beside him.

Then the pups moved onto the table, their paws weaving around the plates and cups as they sat down. The lead puppy lolled his tongue out, growling softly at the massive chicken that rested in the center of the table. The skin was golden, juices were dripping down from the legs, and it smelled amazing! Mother sometimes fed them chicken, but like the one that was in front of them!

Without a thought the four puppies charged forward, knocking the rest of the plates and silverware aside as they lunged forward, ramming their faces into the chicken and tearing the skin with their jaws before ripping into the juicy meat.

Their tails began to wag wildly as they swallowed as much as their mouths could hold, feeling unstoppable as the four sets of teeth destroyed the bird.

However, they didn't notice a set of angry eyes peering at them from the shadows, until the owner of the eyes marched forward. "Well, you puppies. You might have destroyed my chicken, but I'll bet you four will taste good once I put you in the pot!" The fat chef roared, raising a butcher knife towards the foursome.

Withdrawing his head from the chicken leg, one of the puppies barked in alarm as the greasy chef lunged forward. His siblings ducked as the knife slammed into the meat, scurrying in fear as the chef yanked the blade out.

One of the puppies rushed towards the end of the table, kicking a plate upward in panic and smashing it into the chef's face as he growled and stumbled backward. The third puppy charged forward, leaping and extending his claws to bury them in the man's fatty stomach, growling as he guided the man towards the fireplace roaring in the kitchen.

"Yeoow!" The chef screamed, grunting as his rear fell into the still hot fire. Standing back up in panic, the man stumbled into the table with a crash and then fell onto the floor.

The fourth puppy barked, pushing a plate to the edge of the table as she shoved the plate onto the evil chef's head, listening to him groan as her siblings followed her lead, pushing more plates, bowls, and cups onto the man until he fell unconscious.

They howled in victory, wagging their tails and wishing that their mother could see the victory they had won before they turned back towards the chicken and kept eating.

They deserved having full tummies after that big fight!


The Houndmistress walked through the castle, sensing her captive hound was closer as she moved forward through the lush carpeted halls, slamming her spear into the large doors that stood in her way and letting them fly open.

Her eyes flared as she gazed at the Lord of the castle, the man who had started all this as he stood beside his throne. "I want my hound." She seethed, her fingers tightening on her spear as she began to move towards him, a growl rising in her throat.

"And I want your life witch!" The Lord responded, and the sounds of armor caused her to growl as six guards came out from behind the throne, their swords out as they lunged for her. A small smirk crossed the goddess's face as she spun her spear around, before charging forward.

The guards were brave, they were strong, and they were confident enough to charge a legend with the power to move mountains. But they were still doves attacking a very angry hawk, and they stood no chance at all.

Letting a warcry erupt from her mouth, she lashed out, slashing a guard's chest open with her spear, before whacking a second guard with the butt of her weapon. Then she parried two sword swings, lifting her spear above her head and shoving both guards backward. The fifth guard charged forward, his face twisted in fear as he swung his sword, cursing as the spear of the Houndmistress blocked his every blow.

The pair fenced across the room before the Houndmistress saw her opening between the clumsy strikes and rammed her spear into the man's ribs, piercing the armor and sending the man backward into the wall with the force of the bloe

Her eyes turned towards the last guard as he struggled to help his friends get up, knowing that their cause was lost unless they all attacked as one. Letting out a second scream, she rammed her spear into the ground and sent a stream of golden light towards the men, sending all the guards up into the air and the back down onto the ground, taking them out of the fight.

"Enough!" She growled, her eyes turning towards the only man left standing in the room. "Where is my hound? Return him to me and I might just leave this castle standing!"

"The hound is mine!" Lord Ranful growled, cursing as a blast from the Houndmistress's spear caught him in the chest and blasted him back into the throne. Also blasting away his bravery as he began to blubber "Please… please, the hound is a symbol of my power! I could become the king this world needs!"

"The hound only obeys masters that I deem worthy, and you are not one of them!" She growled, placing her boot on the man's chest and aiming the point of her spear at his throat. "Now return him to me!"

"Of course." Lord Ranful stammered, reaching into the folds of his cloak with a shaking hand. "Just allow me to get the keys to the dungeon."

A loud crash pierced the air as the Houndmistress smiled. She knew her hound was free.

The hound charged forward and rammed into the door again and again, eager to gain his freedom as well as gain revenge on the human who had prevented his return to his mother. She had come for him, and now was his time to escape!

He had toppled ogres alongside his master, and even with his wounds, a simple wooden door was nothing against his might! After a few hard rams, he caused the door to fly off, rushing upwards towards his mother's scent as his paws slapped the ground, taking the stairs from the dungeon two at a time.

His tail wagged as he entered the throne room, his mouth breaking into a smile as he saw his mother's eyes light up as she knelt down, patting her knees and calling him to her. Then the hound barked in alarm as the Lord loomed over her, a dagger in his hand and aimed at her unprotected back.

Before the blade could descend, the Houndmistress turned and swung her spear as his legs, knocking Lord Ranful over as he bounded forward, growling loudly as he menaced the man who dared to harm his family! His hackles raised as he waited for his Mother to give him the command to attack, ready to pounce at her words.

"If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is a coward." She added, "And since you took something of mine, I believe I will take something of yours. This castle will suffice!"

She slammed her spear down onto the stone floor one final time, causing the entire castle to shudder like a living thing in pain before she turned to leave, letting out a piercing whistle as she walked out the door. The Lord was screaming, cursing her name and her dogs, and kept doing so until the ceiling caved in atop him.

Massive stones began to fall and shatter on the ground as the castle shook on its foundations, causing guards and dogs alike to cease their battles and flee the castle as the stones kept falling, the walls cracking and breaking like paper as the Houndmistress walked out into the courtyard, her army of both living and dead hounds following her out of the gate before she turned to watch the walls crumble.

Her fingers reached down to pet the dog she had come to save, knowing that once the word of the castle's destruction got out by the surviving guards, no one would ever test her wrath again.

Finally, with last one heave of the stones, the castle's foundations shattered and erupted in a cloud of dust and rubble, leaving the corpse of one dead man underneath it.

Then the Houndmistress turned her back on the castle, and she and her hounds vanished back into the fog before the rubble had finished falling. When it dispersed, it was as if they were never there.


That's the tale of that ruin Adventurer. Some say that you can still hear the screams of the one man who dared to defy the Houndmistress on some nights, still cursing his folly. Why you'd want to go up there is a question in of itself. Do you desire gold… oh no, I can see the answer in your eyes.

You desire a hound do you not? The world does seem to be getting worse, and perhaps you can be the hero we need. Perhaps by going where the Houndmistress was, you can discover where she will be.

I wish you luck on your journey, and let's hope that you can save the world. In fact, I might go with you at first light, I know more stories that could prove beneficial, and there's one more adventure left in these old bones.

So rest up now while I tend to the fire, and then we will strike out at dawn. The world is getting darker, and I think it's time the heroes rose up to put things right.


Well that was that story, and no dogs were harmed in the making of it! :D

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