The First Law

At the commencement of the Third World War, the United Nations has here forth voted for the abolishment of all current governments, in favor of new constitutions worldwide in the attempt at worldwide peace and unity. With the formation and establishment of the First Government on this continent of the previous United States of America, the First Law will is established and enforced for the promotion and safety of the commonwealth of the new government. Therefore, as of the signing of this document this is now the highest Law of the Land, and will henceforth establish and maintain the structure of family under the First Government, and the regards of the Soulmate Bond, which will commence as stated below.

A. The process of the Soulmate Bonds will commence as follows; when a woman comes of the time of her First Activation, she will approach the nearest First Government official and present them with her list of potentials. This information will be submitted to the Search, and results will be presented within twenty-four hours to the woman. The woman then has a week to contact her Soulmate herself; otherwise the government will do it for them.

B. All Soulmate Bonds are final. Once a connection has been Activated, the couple is bonded for life. Divorce is illegal under the First Government, to secure and promote the healthy family foundation of the First Government.

C. Any attempts at breaking the Bond will be seen as an act of Adultery, and will be prosecuted to the highest level of the law. Individuals charged with Adultery are dangerous threats to the commonwealth of society, and are best disposed of, at risk of causing harm to other individuals.

C. Failure to comply with the procedures of The First Law will result in death under the First Government.