Here is a story about Marzipan's Home Planet of Mizzer about Three Humanimals Marzipan never knew before but will become important in a future story on Fanfiction Dot Net, this story chronicles their lives before, during and after the invasion of Mizzer by Wranglers, these characters while not the level of outcast Marzipan was, still were somewhat odd in their respective communities simply because they didn't get why they should be ashamed just because they weren't exactly like Humans that all the adults seemed to emphasize here are the bios of the three protagonists

Name: Kevin Felidae

Sex: Male

Species: Black Cat

Age: 19

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Food: Seared Tuna

Favorite Music: Rock n Roll

Bio: Kevin was born in the Humanimal town of Dahlia which is the fancy neighbor to Marzipan's town of Bluebell. Kevin was always an imaginative Kitten-Boy who loved puzzles and riddles. Came to know Emerald Stuntman when he was asked to play a role for a PSA her Dad was in. Shortly after being kidnapped by Wranglers he was made a cashier for a bank.

Name: Emerald Stuntman

Sex: Female

Species: Green Fire Dragon:

Age: 15

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Roast Beef

Favorite Music: Pop

Bio: Daughter of a Humanimal Voice Actor for the popular Humanimal cartoon show 'Creature Commandos' Emerald lived in Dahlia and knew a lot about Humans because her Dad worked with them. (In truth the family's association with Humans went back to when her paternal Great-Grandmother married one, explaining their unusual last name) Emerald was a 'spoiled sweet' child who never 'got' other Humanimals shyness around Humans

Name: Beulah Scarab

Sex: Female

Species; Dung Beetle

Age: 19

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Organic Manure

Favorite Music: Classical

Bio: Like most Insect Humanimals Beulah lived underground where she wouldn't offend the eyes of Vertebrate Humanimals. She lived a pretty ordinary life in Dirtberg with the one interesting thing about her was that she was really good at basketball. (Dung Beetles being naturally attracted to round things they tend to gravitate towards sports) After being captured by Wranglers she was sent to work in gem mine.

More to come soon.