The R Sisters and their Grandfather

It had been quite an eventful morning for twelve year old Rachel, nine year old Rebecca and seven year old Roo. The three of them had completed their first day of home school for the year and were now eating ham and cheese sandwiches for their lunch. As they did so, they were wearing their short sleeve nineteen fifties style blue and white gingham dresses, their plain white knee high school socks and their respective black Mary Jane dress shoes, the Biomecanics Berta Girl brand for Rachel and the Hush Puppies brand for Rebecca and Roo. Rachel's hair was in a ponytail while Rebecca and Roo had regular hairstyles.

"Grandpa's coming over today." said Rachel.

"How do you know?" asked Rebecca.

"He called before school this morning and said he was coming." said Rachel.

"Did he say what time he was coming over?" asked Roo.

"No he didn't." said Rachel. "But I think he's coming after lunch." The girls finished eating and then went to watch TV while they waited for their grandfather to arrive. At one o'clock, they heard the doorbell ring.

"I think I know who that is." said Rachel and she happily skipped to the door. She opened it, and sure enough, it was the girls' grandfather.

"Hi Grandpa." said Rachel.

"Hello, dear." said Grandpa. "How are you today?"

"I'm doing great." said Rachel. "Rebecca and Roo are doing well too."

"Excellent." said Grandpa. Just then, Rebecca, Roo and Mom came to the door.

"Hi, Dad." said Mom.

"Hello." said Grandpa. "What have you folks been up to today?"

"The girls started the school year today." said Mom.

"Very good." said Grandpa. "You home school them, right?"

"That's right." said Mom. "I've always done that with the girls. Speaking of which, they have homework to do."

"Well before they do that, do you think I could take them for a walk with me?" asked Grandpa.

"You can take Rachel." said Mom. "Rebecca and Roo have to do their homework."

"Very well, then." said Grandpa. "Come along, Rachel." Rebecca and Roo went up to their room to start their homework while Rachel and Grandpa headed out the door and began to walk down the sidewalk.

"Where are we going, Grandpa?" asked Rachel.

"Since we have nice weather today, I thought I would take you to the park." said Grandpa. The park was a half hour walk from where Rachel lived and she enjoyed going there. Rachel smiled as she walked alongside her grandfather.

"I wonder if there's going to be anyone else in the park." she said.

"Well we're still in the summer season, so I think there's definitely going to be a good number of people there." said Grandpa.

"Do you think there's going to be some kids there too?" asked Rachel.

"I think so." said Grandpa. This made Rachel happy as she liked playing with other children. They walked the rest of the way without saying anything, although Rachel did occasionally skip a little bit. When they arrived at the park, they found several children and their parents already there. The kids were having a lot of fun playing on the swings and running around.

"Looks like there's a good crowd here." said Grandpa. While Rachel was deciding what she wanted to do first, a little girl of five years old and her mother came up to her. The girl smiled at Rachel and pointed to her.

"What does she want with me?" Rachel asked the girl's mother.

"She wants you to talk to her and play with her." said the mother. "Now Emma, this girl's older than you so don't cause her any trouble."

"Okay, Mommy." said the girl. Her mom sat down on the bench with Rachel's grandfather and the two girls went to an open area not too far from where the bench was.

"So Emma's your name." said Rachel.

"That's right." said the girl. "My mommy's trying to encourage me to make some friends, which is why I wanted you to talk to me."

"Well your mommy certainly has a good point." said Rachel. "I'm more than happy to talk to you. What kind of things do you like?"

"One thing I like is coming here to the park." said Emma.

"Does your mom bring you here all the time?" asked Rachel.

"Yes she does." said Emma. "She brings me every day, unless it's raining." Then Emma noticed Rachel's dress.

"I like the dress you're wearing." she said.

"Thanks." said Rachel. "I quite like it myself."

"How often do you have to wear that dress?" asked Emma.

"As of yesterday, I have to wear it every day." said Rachel. "I don't mind, though, since I love this dress."

"Do you have to wear those Mary Janes with your dress too?" asked Emma.

"Of course I do." said Rachel. "But that's okay because I like wearing these shoes. What kind of shoes do you like?"

"I like wearing sneakers." said Emma. She was sporting a pair of bright red sneakers to go with her bright yellow tee shirt with a black number five on it as well as her light blue jeans.

"I think those sneakers look nice on you." said Rachel. "Your shirt is awesome too."

"Thanks." said Emma. "I got this shirt for my birthday two weeks ago and I love it."

"Did you get the sneakers for your birthday too?" asked Rachel.

"I certainly did." said Emma. "I love them so much."

"I'm sure you do." said Rachel.

"You know what, I just got an idea." said Emma.

"What's that?" asked Rachel.

"Do you think you could jump with me?" wondered Emma.

"Of course I can." said Rachel. "Just make sure you stay with me at all times, though." Emma lined up behind Rachel and the two girls started jumping. There was a tall oak tree not too far from where the two girls had been standing, so they jumped until they reached the tree.

"Do you like climbing trees?" asked Emma.

"I used to when I was your age." said Rachel. "As I got older, though, I kind of grew out of it."

"How old are you now?" asked Emma.

"I'm twelve." said Rachel.

"I guess that makes sense, then." said Emma. "I, on the other hand, love climbing trees." She started to climb the one they were at when Rachel stopped her.

"I don't think that's a good idea." she said. "What if you get stuck up there and can't get down?"

"I never thought of that." said Emma.

"I'll tell you what, though." said Rachel. "We can play on the teeter totter if you want."

"Okay." said Emma. The two of them jumped over to the play area and went on the teeter totter. Rachel placed Emma on the part that was up and then Rachel sat down on the part that was on the ground. Then they grabbed their handles and alternated going up and down.

"This is fun." said Emma.

"Is the teeter totter your favorite thing to play on here?" asked Rachel.

"It certainly is." said Emma. "Most of the time my mommy ends up going on this with me, but it's much better with a friend."

"You're certainly right about that." said Rachel. They played on the teeter totter for ten more minutes, and then they went on the swings. Emma sat on the swing first with Rachel pushing, and after ten minutes, they switched. After another ten minutes had passed, they went down the slide together. They did that for fifteen minutes before deciding to go on the monkey bars. At that point, however, Rachel's grandfather and Emma's mother came up to them.

"We have to go, Rachel." said Grandpa. "Your mom called me and said that she wants you to come home and do your homework."

"Time for your nap, Emma." said Emma's mother.

"Can't we stay a little longer?" asked Emma.

"Not today, I'm afraid." said Emma's mother. "I'll tell you what, though. The two of you can play here again tomorrow afternoon."

"All right." said Rachel. "It was nice meeting you, Emma."

"Thanks for playing with me today." said Emma.

"You're quite welcome." said Rachel. The two girls waved goodbye to each other as they headed off to their respective homes. Grandpa left shortly after dropping Rachel off. Later that night, the girls were having dinner when Rebecca spoke.

"Did you have fun at the park?" she asked.

"Yes I did." said Rachel. "I even made friends with a five year old girl. Her name's Emma."

"That sounds like a nice name." said Roo.

"I'm going to play with her again tomorrow after we're done school for the day." said Rachel. The three girls went to bed that night feeling quite pleased. However, Rachel was the most happy out of all of them as she had made a new friend and she was looking forward to another fun filled play day with her new friend tomorrow.

The End