Let Go

If only I could say just one last thing to you,
If only I had the chance to see you one more time,
Gods, what would I even say to you?
What words could convey all of it to you?
Perhaps none of the words are good enough.

If I could say one thing?

I tell you now how much I miss your smile.
Oh, how I miss waking up to see your blinding light split the sun.
I'd tell you how much I miss holding you in my arms,
How much I miss holding each other and never letting go.

Why did you let go?

Did you know how much I loved you?
How much I loved watched your eyes shine in delight?
Listening to your bright laugh take away my woes?
Watching your eyes light up the stars?

Why did you leave me?

I'd tell you how much I enjoyed have you pressed up against me,
Whispering words of love to one another and promising to never leave.

Why did you leave?
Please come back home…

I'd tell you how even the stars wept when you let,
How time stood still.
I tell you now how I needed you that day,
How much I needed you to smile that smile and chase away my dark.

You promised you would stay with me.
Please come back…

I'd tell you how broken I was while holding you in my arms for that last time.

Your skin was so cold.
You were so cold.

I'd tell you how beautiful you looked there,
How much it broke me to see you lying in your own blood,
Yet somehow you held that smile.
You shattered me with that smile.

I need you, love.
Come back to me.

I tell you now how much I need you,
How I just can't live without you.

So I picked up the discarded knife.