The Boy Who "Fell" From The 19th Floor


Melody Brooks - 18 female. Best friends with William Rogue.

Késhaun Brooks - 16 male. Co-captain of the basketball team.

Brooklyn Mcafe - 17 female. Dating Aiden. Constantly on her phone posting on social media.

Gordon Mcafe - 18 male. Captain of the basketball team.

Aiden Days - 18 male. Dating Brooklyn.

William Rogue - 18 male. Best friends with Melody Brooks. Point guard on the basketball team.

This is a LGBT+ play that roles can be changed to be girl x girl with the name Aiden becoming Andrea and William becoming Windy. Melody name changes to Mello in that case. All remaining roles can change gender as well; naming is up to you.

[The stage is set like a wild party had just taken place. Chairs are turned over, empty bottles and half eaten chips everywhere. There is loud off stage scream in the background, which awakes Melody from her slumber on the couch. She at first doesn't react. The scream occurs again sounding closer, this time she flinches slightly. On the third time, she rolls off the couch hitting the floor. She groans and lays there as if recalling the events that happened last night.]

Melody: Why does my body feel like jello?

[William enters on stage. He is in a frenzy, picking up stuff and tossing it over. He doesn't notice Melody at first, but when he does runs to her.]

William: Melody! Thank God, you're finally up! Did you hear the news?

Melody: What news? And what are you doing in my house, William? What's going on?

William: Gosh! You're so slow…. The news about Aiden and Brooklyn.

Melody: Why would I care about them?

William: I'll have to tell you later! I'm looking for Brooklyn! It's an I-like-back emergency!

Melody: I barely….. recall anything?

William: Just give me a place to look. You're very good at guessing where people are located.

Melody: Try looking for her in the bathroom?

William: Thanks so much! I swear~!

(Hugs Melody)

If you were a guy, I'd totally date you!

[William runs off stage in the opposite direction that he came on. Melody watches him run off and finally takes notice of all the trash around her. ]

Melody: Holy crap, what happened here? Mom is going to freaking kill me!


No she is going to freaking kill, Késhaun! Késhaun! Get your ass out here, and stop screaming!

[Aiden, Késhaun and Gordon enter the stage. Both appear to be staggering when they walk as if intoxicated. They are roughly pushing Aiden back and forth. Aiden is the one making the various high pitched screaming noises. He tumbles helplessly between the two bigger boys, swinging his arms wildly. Aiden appears to be severely beat up and very drunk.]

Gordon: Don't deny it! Don't deny it! Go ahead open your mouth. Try to deny it, see what happens.

Késhaun: Yeah! You think we're stupid. But we're n-nooot, stupid..?

(Looks to Gordon for reassurance)

We're noooot stupid riiiiight?

Gordon: Why the hell did you even feel the need to ask that question? It makes us sound stupid, ya moron! Besides…

(Presses hand against Aiden's throat. Aiden flenches attempting to escape and cower away.)

I know this one is going to be a whole lot of fun. Look in his eyes, it the same look he had in the basketball locker room. He's thirsty.

Késhaun: MMM! I know! I saw him! I sa-aaacckkwww him, TOOOOOO!

(Presses hand on the other side backside of Aiden's throat)

Melody: What are you all doing? How did this party happen? What are you talking about?

(She spots Aiden)


Késhaun: (Looks at Melody)

We hhaaaahh-ad an after party after...after...after, AFTER the after party.

Melody: What the heck does that even mean? Mom could come home any time now!

Aiden: (Shaking, gasping)

Yeah. let's cl-ean u..up. C-aaan… can yo-ooou both, let me go?

Gordon: No way! Breaking into the locker room was already too far, but playing my sister like that! YOU MUST HAVE A DEATH WISH! How long did you plan to lie to her?

Aiden: I was going to tellll the truth. I planned to! I wanted tooo-ahhhhh!

Gordon: (Tightens grip around Aiden's neck)

You're nothing but a filthy liar! She's crying on Snapchat because of you! How do you date someone for 2 years then pull this bullcrap?

Aiden: You're hurting meeeee! I'm hurting! Ahhh! I...I'm… Heeeh!

(Kicks feet. He wiggles out of their grip knocking down a few things on the table. Aiden falls to floor with his body convulsing.)

Melody: (Crawls over on the floor to Aiden's body. She doesn't panic, but just stares at him with disgust. She darts her head up to look at Gordon who started kicking Aiden in the side relentlessly.)

He's going to die tonight.

[Everyone freezes, the whole entire stage goes black and a single spot light shines on Melody looking over at Aiden. Melody is very stern faced still giving an upset look at Aiden. She raises her hand like she is about to smack his face.]

You're going to die tonight. You're going to die. You deserve to die because…

[The lights start to flicker, lighting the stage then making it go dark. Gordon starts to kick his leg harder into Aiden's stomach. Keshaun laughs harshly. Aiden whimpers and looks up at Melody pleadingly.]


[Everyone freezes. The lights dim down, a main spot light now focuses on Melody and Aiden once more. Melody gives a confused look up at Gordon. She rises to her feet, walking over to center stage, the spot light follows her.]

Melody: (Throws hands up)

Whoa! Whoa okay.. That is a little too intense for me. Kind of edgy over there, huh? Hating people based on their sexuailties is not my cup a tea. I personally don't care if Aiden liked to get with pigeons in their nest.

(Winks at audience)

In real talk... Aiden, deserves to die, because in middle school he used to bully me. I never would have made it out of school alive without my best friend, William. William stood up for me, even when Aiden would call me out with his lames jokes like,

[Spot light switches to Aiden. Aiden rises up from on the floor.]

Aiden: (Mockingly yells at Melody)

Melody so ugly her name should be Medusa! Her name should be Medusa!

[Aiden collapses back on the floor. The spotlight returns to Melody who has tears building up in her eyes.]

Melody: It was 3 long years of constant harassment and…

[Spot light switches to Aiden. Aiden rises up from on the floor.]

Aiden: I just sent Melody the video of her mom working the pole. Haha, I bet she's just like her mom and can throw it back real good. Next time she passes by let's throw Monopoly money on her, maybe she'll dance for us.

[Aiden collapses back on the floor. The spotlight returns to Melody who is crying.]

Melody: I didn't even know my mom was a stripper until Aiden and his big mouth came around!


Do you know how awkward it is for a 11 year old girl to ask their mom what she was doing at the club instead of working like she told dad?


Do you know how traumatic it is to hear your mom say, "This is my work, sweetheart. It pays the bills," then smile in your face like it's no big deal?

(Melody pauses for a few more seconds. She gives a frustrated sigh and starts pacing around stage, with the spotlight following her)

Well, NEWSFLASH MOM! IT IS A BIG DEAL! A really big deal! It's so much of a big deal, when dad found out he left you!

[Melody returns to her position beside Aiden. She rolls her eyes, as everyone unfreezes. The lights return back to normal. William enters comforting a sobbing Brooklyn who is recording on her phone.]

Brooklyn: How could you do this?

Gordon: Yeah fag! How could you do this?

Brooklyn: Not him!

(Points phone at Gordon, Takes a picture of him and post)

YOU! Have been a bad brother. Hashtag, no life having self. Hashtag, your ugly face could be a meme. Hashtag, a person who I want to feed tide pods.

Gordon: Where is your freaking respect? I'm avenging you!

Brooklyn: This isn't like your dumb superhero movies. The Avengers aren't real! Hashtag, Thor is daddy.

Gordon: I know what I saw. Heck, the whole damn basketball team was there! Aiden just now happened exposed himself again after getting drunk!

William: So what he hangs around after basketball practise? A lot of people do. Not just girls, guys too… It's swag.

Melody: I hang out all the time. I never see Aiden. I don't like the fact he's even here! Why is he here?

William: A bunch of kids from school were here! You think we trashed up this place so badly all by ourselves?

Melody: We had a party?

William: Yes! A huge end of school year blast in this apartment. I even have a bunch of pictures and video to show you. It was wild!

Melody: I don't believe…

William: Melody, we've been best friends since kindergarten!


Would I ever drive a single lie to your ears?

Melody: Well no. I suppose n-

Aiden: Stop it!

(Eye twitches. He sits up from the floor)

Stop havi-avvv..having a goooood time with him!

Gordon: SEE HE DID IT AGAIN! He JUST admitted it!

Brooklyn: (Pulls out phone starts to post)

My brother is a homophobic asshole. I hate my life. I hate my family. I hate all my friends! Hashtag, I need a new boo thang. Hashtag, I need fresh liquid eyeliner. Hashtag, Love is love. Hashtag, My ex-boyfriend might be bisexual. Hashtag, I want to remain friends with him and will support his new crush. Hashtag, I'm hashtaging a hashtag.

Gordon: You're so dumb! You're just gonna fall back in line with him, like a little mindless toy soldier?

William: No. You're the one acting like a toy soldier! This is enough! Let Aiden go!

Gordon: Why so you can go make out in basketball locker room or something?

Aiden:'re.. You're hurting me!

Késhaun: I don't knooowww… Ar-areee we hurting him?

Gordon: Heck no! He's just saying that to get attention.

(Yanks Aiden's hair up)

How long did you plan to live in the closet under the fucking rainbow, huh? You could have at least been open about it like William!

Aiden: Nooooooooo! D-don't..tell. Don't tell my parents! They'll try to beat it out of me! Ev-eeeen worst force me to d-do conversion therapy again. I don't.. I can't PLEASE.

(Catches sight of Melody and glares at her)

This is all your damn fault! Why can't you juu..just leave! I tried everything to get you out of my life.

Melody: Leave? I live here! I'm not freaking leaving!

(Points to the side stage)

There's the door. I'll be so satisfied if you disappear and never come back. I hate you! ALL YOU EVER DONE IS MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL!

Brooklyn: (Texting new post on her phone)

Also a person finally gained the courage to stand up to the bully that ruined her whole entire life. Hashtag, fight the power. Hashtag, don't be afraid to speak your mind. Hashtag, real life problems that never end. Hashtag, why can't Russian hack my life like they did the 2016 elections?

Aiden: Why so you… you can be selfish and stay with him?

Melody: I'm forced to live with my brother, you think I wanna stay with him?

Késhaun: HEY!

Aiden: Not him…t-t..the one w-who I creeped in the basketball boys lo.. room during practise to smell his stuff. In hope to get courage enough fii..all.. finally confess.

Gordon: You are so sick! Trying to smell some dude's junk! I knew you did it.

Aiden: Aaaand I'd d-do it again! Before Melody hugs him and ruins his sweet scent with her disgusting perfume!

Melody: Honestly what is your problem with me? What did I ever do to you?

William: Yeah...what did she ever do to yo-

[In mid sentence, Aiden pulls William close to him and presses a quick kiss on his lips. Willam is in complete shock with wide eyes. Everyone is surprised gasping. Brooklyn points her phone at them with a smug smirk on her face.]


Aiden: (Pulls away from William)

Haha! Your lips are mine! Hahahaaha! I finally d-did it! I DID IT! You can't have him, Melody! Yooou can't!

(Starts breaking down laughing and crying hysterically)

Haha! My parents.. Oh God… they.. ahhaaha.. ! I'm so! AArrgggh! No! NOOOO! I..I…I..I can't show my fa-aace to them. I kissed a guy. I kissed a guy... I KISSED A GUY! I kiisssseed a guy. I-

[He walks up in a daze state to where he reaches the edge of the stage. A completely joyful smile crosses his face.]

I want to die. Happily.

[He without hesitation jumps off the edge of the stage. A sound effect of broken glass plays. Everyone breaks out running around going crazy. William immediately starts screaming and calls the police. Késhaun rolls on the floor crying, "I'm too young to go to jail. I'm too young to go to jail." Gordon starts to panic. Brooklyn gasp ending her recording. Melody looks on dumbfounded.]

William: Holy crap! 911, OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH..! We have a huge problem. Some crazy person….. Name? His name is Aiden. Don't know his last. But he just jumped out a damn window! We are on the 19th floor of Daybreak ridge apartments!

Brooklyn: (Doesn't post video and turns off her phone)

RIP, Aiden.

(Looks at where Aiden jumped sadly as if holding back tears)

Késhaun: S-Sooo...Someone l-look to see if...IF he survived!


It could be miracle.

(Takes phone from William)


Gordon: Are you crazy? Miracles don't happen to demons!

William: I don't know if he really was a demon. He was more of a love driven fool.

Gordon: Hecking heck he was both!

William: You act like he broke into the locker room to spy on you naked!

Brooklyn: CUT IT OUT! BOTH OF YOU! Respect the dead! Or he'll come back and haunt you! He wasn't bad, he was misunderstood. You all misunderstood him.

Melody: (Finally breaks away from staring at the spot where Aiden jumped)

No! He wasn't misunderstood. William, back me up! You saw how he treated me. Are you just going to sympathize with him now? YOU FEEL BAD BECAUSE HE HAD A CRUSH ON YOU?

William: Hell no! I feel bad because I just drove a person to commit suicide!

Melody: Do you feel bad you drove him to bullying me for 3 years?

William: Of course, I do! But.. gosh he's dea-


William: Melody calm down..

(Moves to hug her)


(Jerks away from him)


William: (Starts to walk away)

I need to get some air.

Gordon: There's a huge hole in the window, there's plenty of air in here.

William: (Pauses, looks around)

Are you really that petty?

Melody: ARE YOU? Why do you even care that Aiden died, if you don't like him?


Why do any of you care that Aiden died?

[Everyone looks at each other. There is a 3 second silence as the lights slowly fade out, until a single light remains on Melody. Melody walks over to take center stage.]

Melody: I should be overjoyed, but another part of me feels bad. Not the caring type of bad. The "I-totally-hate-you-so-now-I-play-the-villain-bad." I can't feel sorry….. I can't forgive a person who ruined my life.

(Takes a deep breath)

If Aiden had a crush on William, why didn't he just TELL HIM? Screw his religious parents! Screw his fears! Screw all his stupid insecurities! Screw Aiden!

(Angrily points at the audience)


[Stage goes black.]


Reviews are appreciated. I wanted to do a cliche bully twist he only was jealous because his love interest was the best friend. I know it's over used, but I just had the idea and couldn't get it out my head.~Mel