Even after she had finished eating her lunch. Lacey remained where she was and spoke to Tonya. The pair seemed to be hitting it off as they spoke about general things about each other and they even talked about a show that they had both happened to watch the day before. At this point in time, she was in no rush to get back to training. This wasn't simply because she was tired but rather, she needed to let her lunch settle before she could exercise again. If she started too quickly, she feared that it would make her unwell.

Another reason was that she was simply enjoying talking to Tonya. After her interaction with Mercedes, the tall woman couldn't help but feel a little low. But speaking to someone who was genuinely friendly did pick her spirits back up and she did hope that this would be the start of a decent friendship.

Eventually, the time did come and Lacey knew that she couldn't wait around any longer. With a small amount of reluctance, she said goodbye to Tonya and then returned to Ramsey who was waiting for her in the gym. Upon entering, she could see him performing some stretches and if she had to guess, she would have thought that he had been doing that for the entire time that she had been away. It did make her wonder if he ever stopped exercising or even got tired. If it wasn't an entirely insane idea, she would have thought that he was some kind of machine.

"Ah Ms Crabtree," said Ramsey with a smile on his face when he watched the seven-and-a-half-foot tall woman entering the gym. "Did you have a nice lunch?"

"Y-Yes I did thank you," replied Lacey who did enjoy the pleasant question. Although she did fear that this was merely the calm before the storm.

"Great stuff, now let's carry on. We still have a lot of work ahead of us if I'm going to mould you into an athlete."


For the next couple of hours, Lacey's workout routine only seemed to be getting tougher. Once again, she found herself running on the treadmill and then she even began to lift some weights. She watched as Ramsey was able to lift some dumbbells with ease, but when she attempted it, her attempt was pathetic in her mind.

On more than one occasion, she did think that she was going to collapse but Ramsey would keep an eye on her and he knew not to push her too far. From an outside point of view, it did look as though he had no mercy. The truth was however, that he knew what the tall woman was capable of and when to stop pushing her. If she collapsed from exhaustion on his watch, he knew that management wouldn't be happy with them.

As far as the management was concerned, Lacey was literally and possibly figuratively, the largest acquisition that the team ever had. If she became injured due to his actions, he knew that he would be in very big trouble. Because of this, he kept a close eye on her and made sure that everything was in order. This was for both of their sakes rather than just for the tall woman's.

Eventually Lacey found herself sitting on one of the weightlifting benches and drinking water out of bottle. There was some sweat running down her brow and she was still feeling tired after the workout. Her legs ached and her feet were causing her some discomfort. It made her think that the shoes that she was wearing were a little too small for her now, even though they had been specially made. She couldn't wait but to take the shoes off and put her flip flops back on as it gave her much more room.

Ramsey stepped over to her and she looked over to him. He had done most of the exercises with her and he didn't look to have broken a sweat. This only seemed to confirm the theory to her that he was some kind of robot and not human. As far as she was concerned, no person no matter how physically fit would be able to exercise like that and not show some form of fatigue.

"Excellent work out there Ms Crabtree," said Ramsey with a smile on her face. "Keep up at this rate and you'll be ready for the court in no time."

"I-I don't know if I can," replied Lacey as she tried to catch her breath. Quickly she picked up her bottle of water and began to drink it. There was more than half a litre inside but within seconds, it was completely empty. "I feel like I'm going to die of exhaustion."

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic. You could have easily gone for another half an hour before you would have collapsed."

"H-How do you assume that I could have gone for that much longer?" This confused her and was slightly worrying as well.

"Because I've seen how you train and I can predict your limits. When I push you, it's because I know that you can achieve it. I might not know if you'll have the skills to make it as a professional player, but I'll make sure you get the fitness."

"T-Thanks, I appreciate that." She wanted to smile up to him as she did genuinely appreciate his confidence in her. But her own fatigue made her unable to do this for the time being. All she wanted to do was shower, change her clothes and go home so that she could rest. Right now, her legs felt like rubber as she thought that she would struggle to do something as basic as walking.

It took a lot of effort for the tall woman to get up to her feet and make her way to the showers. She felt dirty as she was sure that her clothing stunk of sweat after the workout that she had just experienced. If anyone walked by her and was able to smell her, she would probably die of embarrassment. She was used to getting attention for her height, but getting attention for her stench was simply too much for her.

Thankfully for her, she was able to shower and this washed away any sweat that was on her body. There was nothing that really caught her attention while she showered, besides the fact that the shower head was lower than she would have liked. But it was still higher than she was used to so that was something that she did appreciate.

Once the shower was over and she had changed her clothing, she made her way out of the facility and simply began to make her way back to her apartment. Her legs continued to ache after the workout but the walk to the bus stop was relatively short. There had been moments when she had thought about doing some shopping but after what she had just been through, she simply didn't have the energy.

Instead, Lacey just waited for the bus as usual and when she stepped onto it, she got the usual stares and chatter that she had been used to for at least a couple of years. Because of this, she couldn't help but think back to when her height first drew attention to herself. Roughly a year after her car accident, she had grown to around six feet in height and she would get a couple of stares every now and again but not that much. She would also fairly regularly walk by other women who were even taller than her.

It was around a year later after Lacey had grown an extra half a foot when people really began to take notice. That was when she was not only taller than every woman that she came across, but also the vast majority of the men. Things had only continued on as she grew taller and taller.

On too many occasions for her to count, a random person in the street would go up to her and ask her how tall she was. She would always tell the truth but every couple of months, she would have to remember to add an extra inch to her answer. There were some people who would ask for a selfie picture with her as well. Normally she would say yes as she knew that they would likely take a picture of her anyway. Plus, she didn't particularly want to come across as being unpleasant. She had experienced enough of that when she was younger and she didn't want to come across like that. Even if it were to total strangers.

There would be times when she refused to have her picture taken with a person. It wasn't to do with them, but more about the fact that she was in a hurry. Then she would have to politely decline.

Lacey's trip back home was mostly uneventful, the only thing that really stuck out was the fact that she had to remain standing while on the bus as there were no seats available. This was particularly difficult for her as she was very fatigued after her workout and a sit down would have been ideal.

Knowing that there wasn't much that she could do about the situation. All that Lacey could do was wait for her stop and then step off. The rest of the way to her apartment felt like she was going on a long and epic quest as almost every step that she took was like she was being pushed back by a powerful gust of wind. This was all down to her fatigue and yet she carried on regardless.

Even when Lacey reached her apartment, she couldn't sit down straight away as she put her clothes in the wash that she had been wearing earlier. They were being washed on practically a daily basis since they were the only clothes that she had which actually fit her and could be considered work out clothing. Since she didn't want them to stink before she put them on and began a training session, she would clean them. This was a simple way to get around the problem but it did take some time and effort.

Once the clothes had been put in the washing machine, Lacey couldn't help but move towards her bed and then lie down onto it. Only then did she give a huge sigh and she spread her long arms out. Her feet were well over the side of the bed and from her perspective, it looked as though the bed was made for a child. The simple fact that she was more than a foot taller than it.

One of the first things that the very tall woman noticed was the fact that her legs ached a great deal. She had felt them ache a little while she had been standing, but now legs and lower back were aching. She couldn't remember the last time that she had felt like this and it was only a testament to how much she had been working out during the last session. Her fatigue was simply too great as she found herself simply unable to get out of bed and doing something as basic as fetching food.

Because of this, Lacey lay where she was for well over and hour and stared at the ceiling as she tried to recover some of the energy that she had lost. Even when she could hear the washing machine beeping which told her that it was finished, she still found herself unable to get up.

It was only around two hours after lying on the bed that she found herself able to get up. Even then, she still felt very tired and was just able to duck under the nearby door in order to get through it. There had been occasions when she was in her own world and because of this, she would forget to duck under a door and then strike her head on the frame. If that ever happened, she would be snapped back to reality almost instantly.

One problem that Lacey had was the fact that she still needed to make herself some dinner as it simply wasn't going to make itself. In the end, she couldn't be bothered to cook anything and instead ordered some food through the phone. There was a Chinese restaurant close by that would do deliveries and she was more than willing to call them in order to bring over some food for her.

The wait for the food was longer than she would have liked but when she arrived, the delivery person didn't really react too much to Lacey's extraordinary height. This wasn't him simply being polite but this wasn't the first time that he had seen her so any shock over just how tall she was had already been experienced some time ago. Instead, he just took the money for the food along with a small tip and went on his way.

The amount of food that had been bought was enough to feed a small family. To Lacey, it would be enough to fill her up for a while and she didn't waste any time in digging into it. Normally she would try to make herself some food rather than buying fast food like this. But at this point in time, she was so hungry that she didn't really care. Instead, she just needed calories as soon as possible.

Within minutes, all the food was gone and Lacey couldn't help but just look at the remains of it. There was a small amount of source and a couple of pieces of rice around her mouth and she did pat her stomach. As the moments went by, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed with how much she had eaten and how quickly she had done so. In a way, she felt like a pig after stuffing her face. She was just glad that there hadn't anyone around to watch her eat.

In her mind, Lacey was telling her that it was fine that she had eaten that much food. She remembered when she had seen a few specialists about her ongoing growth. They had informed her that she needed to eat plenty in order to stay healthy. Some people thought that she looked too skinny but that was purely because of her height. The truth was that she was the expected weight for her height, but because she looked as though she had been stretched, it still gave her a rather skinny frame.

By the time that the tall woman had finished cleaning up, it was already dark outside. It was still quite relatively early in the day, but she couldn't help but make her way towards her bed. With all the working out that she had done that day, she was simply too tired to do anything else as she put on a pair of special made pyjamas and lay down in her bed.

One thing that did disappoint Lacey was how short the pyjamas were on her body. She had received them almost a year ago and they had actually been too big for her. But since then, she had grown an extra half a foot and now they were looking a little too short for her and to her it seemed a little ironic.

When she tried them on for the first time, she had thought that it looked quite long on her. Especially in the legs and arms. It made her feel a little silly when she looked at herself in the mirror but now when she looked it was completely different. When the pyjamas had looked big on her, that was when she had only been seven feet tall. A part of her thought that it was insane when she thought that she was considering seven feet to be short. To anyone else, seven feet would be incredibly tall, to her it was simply a milestone that she had surpassed a year earlier.

Even after Lacey lay down in her bed, she didn't go to sleep straight away. Instead, she watched her TV for a little while and even saw an advertisement for a big and tall women's fashion store. It was quite funny to her as she knew that they wouldn't stock anything in her size. Unless it was a hate or scarf of some kind. Those were the only types of clothing that she could walk into a normal store and pick up without too much of an issue.

As she continued to lie in her bed, her legs were still aching and, in a way, it was painful for her. When she had still been in high school, she had worked in a fast-food restaurant for around a year and she remembered working a twelve-hour shift on a particularly busy day. When she had gotten home later, her legs had ached like this and it was something that she thought that she wouldn't be repeating in her life. Yet she could feel it now once again and she groaned as all she could do was try and recover her energy.

Eventually, sleep did come to the seven-and-a-half-foot woman and in a manner of speaking, she was glad that she didn't have anyone living with her. Her snoring was very loud and would have been enough to keep anyone lying next to her awake throughout the entire night. It was only one way of showing just how fatigued that she was after the work out that day. Unfortunately, she still had plenty more to go as the following day was going to be focused on her basketball skills. There were still many weeks of training to go before the basketball season started and there was a lot that still needed to be done.

The following day, Lacey found herself on the training court and shooting the ball at a nearby basket. Unfortunately, her shot wasn't quite as accurate as she would have liked as it bounced off the rim and fell to the ground.

From where she was standing, Amy was watching on and didn't seem to be all that impressed. Instead, she simply shook her head for a moment and then continued to watch. She could see Lacey shooting at the basket and only around one in ten were actually successful. For a professional player, that was abysmal and it was up to Amy to sort this out. If not, then the team's latest acquisition would never play a professional game.

"Come on Crabtree," said Amy as she approached her. Her walk was slow and she focused entirely on Lacey. "You can do better than that."

"Sorry Coach," replied Lacey with an apologetic smile. "If I was closer, I'd just be able to jump and place it in the hoop myself." She nervously chuckled at this while Amy continued to look on with some disapproval.

"I have no doubt that you could but I doubt that your opponents would give you the opportunity to do that very often. Because of that, you need to improve your accuracy. Think about it, you're going to be around a foot taller than the tallest player on the opposing side. You're in a league of your own when it comes to height and you will use that to your advantage. You'll be able take the ball away to places that no one can reach and that includes shooting. If you think you're close enough to the basket, then you'll be able to shoot and there's no one who can hope to stop or block you. But none of that will matter if you can't shoot properly."

A few moments later, Lacey and Amy found themselves standing a short distance away from the basket. They were in the free throw position on the court and Amy was able to shoot the ball and score with ease. Lacey came next but when she shot, the ball bounced off the backboard and fell to the ground.

This happened a few times and Amy began to explain how it should be done properly. Lacey did her best to listen and take in the information. She was informed that it was best to aim for the box that was on the backboard, then her chances of succeeding would increase dramatically.

When she tried shooting with this mentality, like before her success rate wasn't perfect. But it was a great improvement over what she had been scoring earlier. Where before she had been scoring one in every ten shot, now she it had gone down to one in every four. This still wasn't on the level of a professional but it was still a step in the right direction.

The rest of the training session was purely on shooting and by the end of it, Lacey's arms were feeling very tired. However, she still wasn't as fatigued as she had been the day before after her other training. This was a welcome relief for her as back then, she had felt like she was going to collapse.

Her skills at scoring had improved and Amy seemed to be happy with the progress that had been made. Like she had told the tall woman, she didn't expect her to be the greatest player that the world had ever seen. Rather, Lacey just needed to increase her skills to the point that she could hold her own on the court. Her height would allow her lack of skill to be forgiven, but it would only go so far.

Upon leaving the facility on this day, rather than going straight back to her apartment. Lacey instead made her way into town so that she could run a few errands. There were some household items that she had to pick up such as toothpaste and some vegetables. On the way, she heard the usual whispers from those who looked at her as she walked by them. She even heard one child comment to their father that she was taller than he was.

Eventually she found herself outside of a store that was familiar to her. It was one that her neighbour Brian had mentioned as it was run by his family. From what she could see, it specialised in books. They didn't just stock the classics but offered a wide range of books and others could be specially ordered in.

When she was outside the store, she could see that there were signs up stating that there was currently a sale taking place. This did pique her interest and carefully she ducked through the door and she could see the shelves and shelves of books inside. There was also a small amount of merchandise based around a couple of book series but they were focused on extremely popular titles.

Her sudden appearance hadn't gone unnoticed by the staff who glanced over to the very tall woman. They tried to not gawk as they thought that it would be rude and they had to remember customer service constantly. The last thing that they wanted to do was to offend a customer, especially one like Lacey.

Someone else who especially noticed her was her neighbour Brian who was just looking over some inventory. It was hard to miss someone like Lacey entering the store and when he looked over to her, he smiled and immediately stopped what he was doing. He began to make his way over to her and he was very happy to see her, there had been a few moments that he thought that she had simply ignored his suggestion earlier. But seeing her here did make him realise that she hadn't done that and actually listened to him.

"Ah Lacey, you're here," said Brian with a smile on his face. He watched as Lacey turned her head and looked at him. She seemed glad to see a familiar face although she did have to stop herself from walking for a moment because of a low sign. "It's nice to see you again, how is the training going?"

"It's going fine thank you," replied Lacey with a small smile on her face. "Well, you said that the store was having a sale and I couldn't help but take a look."

"That's great, let me know if you need any help." He noticed that her appearance in the store was also attracting the attention from some of the other customers. He tried not to pay much mind to this and just continued to look up at her. "We have a wide range of books so whatever you fancy, I'm sure that we have something."

"Ok, I'll keep that in mind…" She was about to step away and begin to take a look around to see if she could spot any books that did interest her. However, an idea suddenly popped into her head and she knew that Brian would be able to help her out. "Actually, there is one type of book that I'm interested in."

"Sure, what is it?" He seemed eager to help and he felt that he needed to stop himself from being too eager. The last thing he wanted to do was to make his neighbour uncomfortable. Especially someone like her.

"Do you have any books about basketball?"

"Basketball? As in the history of the sport?" He was curious for a moment; he knew that she was training to join the Minolin Mares and so reading up on the sport could be helpful. He wasn't sure in what direct way but he was still curious.

"No, not that. More like, on basketball skills and how to improve. Right now, that would be really helpful."

"Oh, you want one of those books." He stood there and thought about it for a few moments before he made a realisation. "Actually, I do remember seeing such a book a few months back. Wait there, I'll just check." Quickly he went to a computer that was behind the counter, Lacey could only stand there and watch as Brian began to type away on it. He did it with a small amount of haste. "Ah yes, we still have it in stock." Quickly he began to walk back towards her. "Let's see if we can find it."

Lacey knew that she was meant to follow Brian as they made their way into the section of the store where the sports themed books were located. As she glanced at the shelf, she could see books about numerous sports and even about some sports players. Normally, she wouldn't be too interested in them but she kept an eye out for the one that looked like the one that she was looking for.

It took around a minute, but Brian did notice the book in question. Unfortunately for him, the book was located on the top shelf and was far out of his reach. This was something that hadn't been a surprise to him. There had been many, many times in the past where he needed to retrieve a book that was on the top shelf. As usual, he knew what to do in this situation as there was a simple solution.

"You don't mind just waiting here for a moment?" asked Brian as he looked up to the tall woman. "I just need to go and get the ladder."

"It's alright, there's no need," replied Lacey. Although the book was out of his reach, for her that wasn't the case. With some ease, she was able to reach up to the top shelf and grab onto the book. Quickly she took it out and then looked at it for a couple of moments before looking at Brian again. "You don't need a ladder when I'm around."

"Very funny Lacey." He smiled up to her and he couldn't help but be impressed. No other woman who had ever entered the store could have performed such a feat. He also considered adding onto Lacey's statement but felt that it was best not to in case he accidentally offended her.

Over the course of the next few minutes, Lacey also picked up another book. But rather than being a book about basketball or sports in general. It was instead a children's book that she was buying for Penny. The store was currently having a sale that would only be worth it when buying more than one book.

When she had finished making her selection, Lacey was more than happy to pay for the books and then she stepped out of the store. Brian watched her leave and he was a little disappointed that she didn't stay any longer. He knew that she had other places to go so he was sure to speak with her at another time. He just hoped that this would be sooner rather than later.