The Simplest Solution

Summary: A student realizes the secret to a master's esoteric challenge.

I knelt on the monastery floor beside the two other students, whom were my superiors in every way. Maria was the most literate us of, and she might've had an encyclopedia in her head. Peter was the strongest of us, and he could lift the heavy stone bookshelves as though they were toys. Ahead of us was the Supreme Scholar. We'd spent years training on shared and solitary exercises, and we were close to graduation.

"Your final challenge is a test of all you have learned," our instructor explained. "It can be very hard, or very simple, but you have all the training you need to accomplish it."

We stared at each other, worried about what would come.

"You must use your strongest skill to live according my innermost teachings," the instructor said. "You have everything you need to discover what I mean by this."

After dismissing us, Maria vanished into the library. She'd undoubtedly be overanalyzing every word in his statements, as normal. Peter headed upstairs to the exposed balcony, meditating in the frigid winter air. I sat perplexed before the Master before grinning. "What are your innermost teachings?" I asked.

The Supreme Scholar smiled. That was how I graduated.