I Blame You

You have created me.
It was you, what you work for,
That has taught me to never be proud,
to expect failure.

You have destroyed me,
You have kicked me till I bled.
You locked me up,
till I withered and died.
You have strapped me down,
and told me I should get used to it.
You have turned me into a monster.

I don't enjoy breathing poisoned air,
I don't enjoy the feeling of suffocation.
You are murderers,
You have killed and you will kill again.
Not just the bodies, but the minds,
The souls.

I feel dead,
I feel threatened,
and you're to blame.
There is no place for me,
There is no place for me here,
You taught me that.

The message over and over and over again,
'You are not good enough,'
'You are not what we want,'
'Change yourself,'
'Be someone else,'
'Kill who you are for us,'
'We know best.'

I have suffered in your world,
been hurt and scarred.
I have lost my way – myself.
You're to blame,
And I blame you,
And You Have Created Me.