Mama told me of the vampire people

When the air was cold and the sky was grey

She told me of their cruelty

Of their loose morals and conniving ways

She told me their eyes held the devil

That they bathed in the people they had slayed

She told me they were monsters

Feared and avoided to this day

She told me they didn't care

About the people that stood in their way

Just another obstacle she says

They always got for what they came

It's why the cross stays on our door

Why I can never, never ever go outside

Mama says they pace over there

Waiting for the blanket of the night

She says we are safe here

In this tiny cabin with smaller wood doors

She says it was made special

That I had safety and should not ask for more

She says that she loves me

And that she'll keep me safe and sound

That the vampire people won't find me

Even if they keep looking around and around

She says I'm her savoir

Worth the sky and the world and more

And nothing can take me

Absolutely nothing to come through the door

I asked what they looked like

The vampire people and their people and kin

For what Mama asked

So I can run, I said, if they ever came in

Mama said their skin is pale

Like lily and cloth and dead winter snow

And their eyes are red

She says that's how I'll run and I'll know

It's only them she says

The monsters and killers and men of night

That have those red eyes

Bathed in blood shining from a fight

They are not good people she says

And I am never never ever to go outside

Leave the cross on the door

And stay here, night after night after night

Mama told me of the vampire people

When the air was cold and the sky was grey

She told me of the cross on the door

And of the place I must always always stay

She says she loves me

That I'm her savoir and world and so much more

A small pale skinned child

With the same blood filled eyes as those outside the door