Dear Readers,

I don't appreciate a cliffhanger, especially one as literal as this. So I decided to end book 2 with a few more chapters that start Avery and Rena off on the next part of their journey. However, I wrote a scene where they meet some other people and things happened...and it didn't quite work. So started the scene over and made it happen a different way, and that didn't work either. I soon realised I couldn't figure out what to do because I didn't know what I needed to do to move the plot along.

So I gave up and started working on book 3 in order to figure out what needed to happen in book 2. Good news/bad news: I'm 50,000 words into book 3 but I'm no closer to figuring out how to add these last few chapters to book 2. You're going to have to dangle on that cliff for a bit while I figure that out.

I'll post a prologue (Apparently prologues are frowned upon in the novel world. If you've been following since the beginning you'll notice I actually pulled the prologue for The Unknown Alchemist. The Unwanted Princess prologue is next on the chopping block). Regardless, I'll post a prologue to book 3, The Unwilling Queen, to hold a spot for what's coming. That way you can add it to your list and get an alert when I start posting chapters.

I'm learning so much about this craft as I write, so I do appreciate your comments and feedback. I've been reading books on writing, listening to podcasts, and following newsletters and blogs, and it makes me cringe when I find advice cautioning against the very thing I've done! Oh well, it's a process.

So I apologise for those transgressions and thank you for your patience and continued readership. Please comment on your favourite parts so I don't go cutting them out, or let me know where you've lost interest/are confused/bored/would like more, so that I can fix those areas up.

I write almost everyday, so Book 3: The Unwilling Queen is well on it's way.